Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If you're in the Friend Zone you NEED to watch this.

What do you think?

Monday, January 30, 2012

While this blog remains (almost) inactive...

Do check out my "express" version of this blog and click on the link below:

Clouded Pawn Express

As you may know the current idea behind this blog has long evolved to be updated with videos of events in Kuching and anything else that catches my fancy. However, it is unfortunate that I cannot be disciplined enough  keep up with the amount of videos I need to edit before I post it up. I struggled to juggle my time between my day job, the gym and socializing, and it is sad I had to put video blogging aside to accomodate my other activities.

(Oh, it's also a little bit disappointing for me to put up the effort on the videos, only for very few readers to view it.)

Hence the express version, which is meant for me to keep blogging at its very basic form. Short and sweet.

I've plans to revamp this blog and all that, but I do not know when I can commit to making the major changes.

Until then, I'm not out of the blogging scene...but I need to sort myself out with the future of this blog first. 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank you, 2011.

Thank you 2011 for the many of the good, the bad  and the weird memories.

This year was definitely the most year of my life in terms of travel. Not only did I travelled to Thailand not once but twice this year, but I was very fortunately to travel to the European continent, particulary the chance to travel to Gdansk, Poland.

I may have missed out on travelling to Europe the last two years despite a promise by the company I would...but I am glad the company has now allowed me to travel to Europe. I learnt so much only on the work and career side of the trip, but also the Polish culture as a whole. The trip truly changed my perception on Poland as a whole.

The Thailand trips: first was earlier in January to Bangkok and Pattaya, while the second was recently to Krabi in November. To say I've not fallen in love with the country is a lie! I love the food, I love the adventure of travelling alone early in the year, and I love the beautiful Hong Island at the Krabi province which I had my close friend Daniel to thank for.

Sadly, there was a big scar to my life from the most recent trip: I had my smartphone stolen on my way back from Krabi to KL in the plane. Long story. But it was enough to traumatise me to not think of any travelling for the first six months of 2012! Damn it 2011, I saved my hard-earned money for that smartphone...and I only had it for three months! If God wanted to punish me, then it was such a cruel way.

2011 was also a year where I made new friends. Unfortunately I've also had friendships broken, and the was enough hated of mine towards certain individuals...enough for Buddha to not forgive me I shamefully admit. I had a couple of horrible colleagues, and I had to deal with people I still feel they do not deserved to be in the town I called home.

That said, I am also glad I had some of the best nights in 2011 with a circle of friends. Especially the boys from Sarawak Bloggers. To my brothers Fahriee, Rodz, Cyril, Kim and Reyes, I thank you for the non-stop laughter from all the reference of "Sio Bee" and all the other talk-cocks we had whenever we met!

Oh sure, I still haven't found love. I was certain there were chances with several ladies I had met here in 2011, but I'm afraid my Cupid seemed to have a poor shot accuracy. But I wouldn't blame him; I wasn't really serious to begin it. I had a career to focused, debts to clear, money and power to be obtained. I supposed until love has proven me otherwise, I shall stick to "friends with benefits" if you know what I mean.

Oh, how could I forget my family, who has been supportive of me when I had my troubles!

Ok, enough rant. I must head off to a pot-luck dinner and the clubs for the countdown to 2012. 2011 isn't the best year I ever had, but it was definitely far better than the last three years.

Thank you once again, 2011.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Opening of La Senza's First Pin-Up Store in Kuching

A couple of weeks ago, La Senza opened its first store in Kuching. Rejoice for the women (and men) in Kuching! :)

I will update further on the event, but I suppose what would interest you is this:

Friday, December 09, 2011

#twtupkch - Game lounges tips and tricks

(Right I shall challenge myself to write each sentence of this blog within the Twitter standard of 140 characters.)

#twtupkch (Tweet-Up Kuching) is an event by Sarawak Bloggers which will be happening at The Spring tomorrow from 11am to 4pm+.

#twtupkch basically gets people who use Twitter to meet other Twitter users, be friends and play games together.

There will be 354 'tweeps' who will be attending (not sure if all of them are coming la) which means you're sure to make new friends!

Now, if you're naturally competitive like me you'll want to win all the games from the game lounges at the #twtupkch event.

The list of games tomorrow include: Arm wrestling, Jenga!, Monopoly, BINGO, PC & PS2 games, Cangkul and UNO.

Normally I wouldn't give gaming tips (Kiasu mah), but I feel good today so here's a quick tip for each game above:

Arm wrestling:
When ready to finish your opponent, rotate your body so your shoulder is in line with the direction you want your arm to go.

Push it gently: if it refuses to budge, try another piece.

Railroads are better to own than utilities, but utilities should be purchased if the opportunity arises (esp. if you can get both of them).

One strategy to increase your odds at Bingo is to play as many cards at one time as you can; but do be careful!

PC & PS2 games:
Well it depends on the games; just surf to GameFAQs.com for the game that's currently being played. Heh.

To be honest I dunno! 

Save your draw cards and wild cards; you'll need them to stop someone from winning the round.

Yes, I heard you scream "WTF these tips is so obvious!"...of course la it's obvious 'cause I kiasu mah!

Hehe anyway that's what Google is for right?

So let's meet up at #twtupkch tomorrow & challenge each other to any friendly game above...except Cangkul. Yes I never played it before!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kuching, a boring city?

It was sometime ago a debate was sparked in the world of Twitter regarding the Cat City of Sarawak, Kuching. Well it wasn't so much of a debate; rather it was more statements of disappointments and frustration from a certain individual. Some of these key statements include the need for more events in Kuching on a monthly basis,  having new and improved products to attract tourists and locals alike and more importantly, the need for the relevant authorities to pretty much "upped their game" in making Kuching, well, less boring per say.

And I can perfectly understand the point the individual was making; I too once had the very same thoughts and reactions to the status of Kuching. When I was younger doing tertiary studies, I would be back in Kuching for Chinese New Year, and each time I returned to celebrate there was never a chance for a new place to visit, a new form of activity or an interesting event to enjoy or even a new franchise to check out. Each time I came back I asked "When will Kuching ever be developed into the likes of Kuala Lumpur, or just the satellite cities Subang Jaya, Damansara or Bangsar?"

That was circa 2002 to 2006. Now though, I looked back at my own thoughts with some regret. Of course Kuching will never be like KL in so many ways. Number of population, number of events, number of shopping malls and clubs, number of major financial investments...there isn't much need for explanation really.

To say the relevant authorities are not doing enough for Kuching isn't accurate though. Being in the tourism industry myself, I know the authorities are doing what they can to make Kuching a more happening place. The Government didn't build BCCK for nothing (save the political conspiracy please).

If one needs to compare Kuching with the rest of the world though, Kuching seems like a decent place after all. According to Simon Busch, MSN Travel UK editor, these are some of  following places best described as boring and dull:

  • Britain (with special mentions to Luton and Lincolnshire) - "It's cold, grey, violent and the population is completely controlled by the media."
  • New Zealand - "We moved to New Zealand for a change of lifestyle. We certainly got it; we felt like we've moved into semi-retirement." 
  • Finland - "freezing cold for eight months and [swarming with] millions of mosquitoes in the damp summer."
  • Switzerland - "Beautiful scenery but by God it's dull. Even in the centre of Zurich the bars are all shut by 11pm. The national pastime is growing 'interesting' moustaches." 
  • Canada - "like a giant shopping mall with a huge car park and McDonald's every 50 metres."
  • Weedsport, New York - "It is only a street"
  • and even the MOON. 
Now if you asked me, I can't agree to all of that being boring! I've been to New Zealand and I love the fresh air, the food and the people and I would love to return again for the thrill of adrenaline rush the country takes pride on. I've plans to visit Britain (specifically Manchester) for English Premier League and for the English pub culture. Canada too for the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Surely Finland and Switzerland aren't that bad either! The only one I'm not certain is Weedsport. And maybe the moon.  

Then again, if I worked there long enough I could possibly agree to such?

Despite the above, or the fact the sources came from a not-so-credible MSN Travel UK (the Moon, seriously?), Mr. Simon made a powerful statement:

The most boring place on Earth is the place next to you.

Let me just copy and paste the paragraphs for this statement:

If our discussion of the world's most boring places illustrates anything, however, it is that dullness is relative. It depends, to a large extent, on you.

One user, Bert Bretherton, sums it up honestly: "I am a 67-year-old, grumpy, twice married, twice divorced man. The space next to me – wherever I am – must be the dullest place on Earth."

Redundant and Happy puts it this way: "If you live in a small place far from anywhere, with one pub full of old men, then it will seem dull if you want a city centre party atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want peace and quiet and to live happily with your partner away from all the [loudmouths] who make our towns no-go areas in the evening, then rural living is anything but dull."

The whole paragraph sums up the whole point of what I am trying to say. You can either make the place exciting, or the place boring. Ultimately, it's the company you keep and how you interact with others that defines the attractiveness of the place.

To each their own.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A bigger Switch for the iLovers

"Hah! You really did go for the Steve Jobs look huh?" my brother said with a wide grin.

"Yea, well, I just wanna know what's it like to follow his fashion style..." I said. Not in full enthusiam mind you. In fact, I'm not sure why I went all metrosexual when I was invited to cover the grand launch of Switch at the Spring Shopping Mall last Sunday. 

Normally on a weekend I'll love to wear a football jersey, jeans and sandals; obviously that particular Sunday was not a norm.

So anyway, Switch used to be located at the corner nearby DiGi and while it was a prominent area, it was just 600 square feet. That's pretty small space for a company that sells one of the biggest brands in the world: Apple.

Now of course, it got bigger. 2000 square feet bigger...that's 3.3 times bigger! And they didn't grow bigger without a reason: Switch Spring has upgraded from Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR) status to Apple Premium Reseller (APR) status.

What's the difference you asked? Well, when Switch Spring was under AAR  they can sell only a selected range of Apple software and hardware. Now with APR, they don't just provide the full Apple products, but they now have a training room which they can provide classes for customers to help them familiarize with their Apple products.

How awesome is that?? Oh, they have a service centre too. The only Apple Service Provider in East Malaysia somemore (There's four in Malaysia). So iHooray for the Apple lovers! (By the way, Switch pretty much took over the store where Nokia once stood...kesian Nokia)

Of course, no launch is complete without activities yea? So with the help of photos to narrate this was basically what happened at the event:

Customers testing out the iPods

Boys playing Fruit Ninja on the iPad2
Guess what iPod model is this?
Then & Now: My iPod Nano 1st Generation (left) and the iPod Nano 6th Generation (right)
Something that excite us bloggers...
I'll like this in my room :) 
Cyril winning an iPad2 cover from a pop quiz

If only that website was actually painted on the wall...

  • Fruit Ninja Competition: I thought of joining this at first so I practiced playing Fruit Ninja the night before...gosh I sucked at it! 

One of the Top 10 Finalist slicing away fruits like a Samurai

The kid in white is the winner with 219 points. 

  • Treasure Hunt: Unfortunately I did not take much on this as the hunt started two hours after the original schedule. But I do know who's the winner and it's that...

...boy in the middle, Fahriee. He and his partner won an iPod Shuffle each. It's only natural for an Apple fanboy like him to win an Apple event! But he did something wonderful to his prize.

Best thing for me at this event? The lunch provided was fantastic! Kudos to the management for picking Banquet as their caterer.

I must say though...sorry Steve, your fashion style is not my style!

(Watch this space for a video!)