Saturday, December 31, 2005

Teaser Entry

The following entry may be abstract and may seem illogical; if you can interpret all of it right I might give you a prize. I say…a date for the girls and a drink for the boys. Fair enough hey ;) Thanks to Robin for the persistence on a pre-launch entry.

P/S: In no way the reference of ‘White’ and ‘Black’ is to race or colour. Instead, it is to refer whether they are good or bad. Stereotype colour symbols only. I’m on side with multiculturalism damn it!

“2005: The Diary Summary”

…2005 huh?

Such was a painful year. The aftermath of the battles on the chessboard scars my soul still.

I wanted to be like the Knight that year. Just like the chess piece, I wanted recognition, the power to jump past barriers, and capture the glory…such sin.

Capricorn – Aquarius: The chess pieces are set, the battle began. Poor opening. I was already in trouble with the King on my character. I damaged one of his precious crowns. The Chinese chess was dull.

Aquarius – Pisces: I began my journey forward, to a foreign square. I was delighted to meet two of my best comrades, who shall guide me throughout this journey. A different crusade awaits me.

Pisces – Aries: The battle was going my way. I met new heroes of my journey. As the battle slowed down during Easter, I found an Angel. Fairer than the Queen I served to fight. No, I thought she was the White Queen herself. I…never felt this happy for a long time.

Aries – Taurus: Chaos and misfortune has befallen on me. In my own eyes, I’ve seen the foul villains masked behind the heroes’ face. They began to see my weakness…my purpose as a pawn. It was nothing until the Devil did the unthinkable. The Devil…

was soul of the Angel.

Taurus – Gemini: The White on the chessboard began to be outnumbered. I struggled to recover with haste. I began to visit the tavern more as a result of the straining battle. My morale was dented, but I continued to strive on. I still could not disappoint the King, or anyone I swore to protect. Fortune was slightly on my side as I met heroines of my battle.

Gemini – Cancer: Order was slowly restoring, but the Black was not hinting a downfall. I have not shown signs that I’ve remember my spells and my magic books well enough. At the tavern, I met a beautiful Siamese pawn. I wandered which side of the chessboard she served to; for I needed support my comrades could not truly give me.

Cancer – Leo: The first wave of the hostilities was over. The White managed to survive, and I was summoned to another chessboard. My comrades moved to a new camp, nearer to both the Castle and the battleground. I followed them short after. However, I began to run short on gold, mana and spirit. The Siamese pawn served for the Black. Foul tradesmen came to find me. I began to miss home.

Leo – Virgo: Pressure began to feel unbearable as the new battle intensifies. On the bright side, I’ve met more warriors from my homeland. The impact on homesickness was less due to that factor. The farms were honoured on this month.

Virgo – Libra: Devil-like stress. Gold became a serious issue. The labour division wasn’t too keen on hiring import pawns. The Elites of the Castle though saw a potential in me and has decided to put me to test. I had to sacrifice my presence on my main battle for another. Thankfully, the efforts did not go in vain. I became part of the Elite and was rewarded with splendid lights of the sky and the Ostentatious Sphere.

Libra – Scorpio: I no longer had gold and began to live with the remaining silvers and bronzes. I then realised what a fool I have been over the past few months. The battles are hitting climax, and Black had the upper-hand. Despite the bloody battle, a heroine managed to tease my almost deteriorated sentiments back to life. The stains of the past still loom within me though. The King commands me to search for a new camp. On that very moment, gold became a sensitive issue.

I’ve decided I need to speak out again on the magical powers of paperless mail. Hence, was born.

Scorpio – Sagittarius: The battle for the year was over. I turned 21, though I did not truly celebrate the significant number. My mind was just to return to my beloved homeland. A sad parting with my comrades for we had to head separate ways. At least we had a marvellous time with our guests from other sections of the big chessboard. After a long search, a camp was found, and the camp: beautiful and peaceful.
I set sail home. The King insisted me to celebrate his reigning status at Mud City. I was in joy, as Mud City is my second home. More precisely, Pearl Success is my second home. Visiting close pawns, prince and princess I’ve not seen for almost a year was wonderful though a short trip. I returned to my hometown, Cat Town.

Sagittarius – Capricorn: The outcome of my last battle was satisfactory. I got back to my clan in Cat Town. I’m glad the clan is still there, though not as strong as it was before. I suffered insomnia as of late, so when it happens, I prayed. I thought back of the mistakes I’ve made. The pain I carried. Sorrow. Death.

I prayed some more….

…2006 huh?