Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone of you a Happy New Year :)

My 2006 has been one heck of an interesting roller-coaster ride. How's yours? A lot of us say 2006 has been shit, so let's pray that 2007 is a better year for all of us yea? ;)

This blog will officially be 1 year old tomorrow, time really flies man!

As the current Internet connection is as fast as an old lady on the road, I am discouraged to upload a lot of pictures that should've been on this page. Do me a favour and read my teaser entry instead to expect what's to be written soon :)

Alrights, tonight I'll be at City Jungle in Travilion to do the countdown. No, THAT INCIDENT would not happened again ok? And I'll be wearing cheap shoes this time!

Cheers, ya'll! Don' and drive?

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Calendar Battle: December

This would be the last calendar battle for this year. Maybe the last one ever as I still couldn’t find the calendar edition for Mysterious World magazine or any similar ones.

Read rules here

Nita VS Miho Yoshioka


Ever since she started singing since she was 9, Norhanita Hamzah, or more popularly known as Nita was one of the participants in Malaysian Idol 2. Unfortunate to not win the prize (she was the runner-up), she was still nonetheless popular with the viewers of the show. She is born on the 3rd November 1980, making her 26 this year.

Check out how a makeover can change this average looking lady to the likes of Siti Nurhaliza. Well, not quite. But she needs more pictures uploaded online for sure.

Miho Yoshioka:-

Born and raised in East Osaka, Japan. She’s a Japanese Idol which is famous for pretty much posing around really. She’s been in magazine covers, drama shows, TV commercials and even one Gozilla movie…but her best career was being a race queen model; particularly for Team Mario.

No, not that Mario!

This Mario :)

She is born on 3rd February 1980, making her 26 as well this year. She is about 169cm.

As most Japanese Idols, she is really beautiful and sexy. Too bad guys, she’s married already.

So which of the Idols would win?

A simple background and a simple dress, but she looks really good in this picture. I like how she posed, particularly her chest.

Photo Style: 5/10
Pose & Looks: 7/10

Miho Yoshioka
This photo seemed to be a lil’ dark for my liking. She’s lying on an uninteresting bed, and we don’t get to be Miho’s body in this picture, which is a bad thing. She’s wearing clothes that seemed too average for a photo shoot and the type of background. She looks like Kelly Chen here, no?

Photo Style: 4/10
Pose & Looks: 5/10

Nita surprising won 12 to Miho’s 9. Such a disappointment for the Japanese Idol, but hopefully we’ll see her again next time.

Or you can just see her on Youtube whenever the Net has fully recovered.

Fav Idol
FHM Malaysia edition (December 2005)
Japan Sugoi
J Mate
Malaysian Idol
Miho Yoshioka Unofficial Website
One Eight Promotion

Friday, December 29, 2006

Perth: Chapter 3 – The verbal war and quarantine. (Achieves 2006)

Ever since the Taiwan earthquake damaged the underground cables, I had a really had a hard time connecting to blogger until today. Even then I can't upload files yet. Damn mother I dunno if I can finish the archieves on time!

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2

“Delegates, I believe that he should be allowed to vote for course of this conference…” one said.

“Point of order!” one shouted.

“Delegates, this person did not complete his documents to support his voting rights…” the other said.

“POINT OF ORDER!” another one shouted.

“Fuck you la! He spent a lot of money to come to Perth OK!?”
“Tiu leh la! You dunno what is procedure is it!?”
“Come fight la!”

Ok, the last three lines didn’t actually happen. However, in context it was pretty much a verbal assault between two sides over what I see as a simple issue became big issue.

Now, as part of a promise to keep most details in secrecy, I can’t tell you what actually happened that night. What I can tell you though is that it took more than four hours of listening to arguments that never seemed to go anyway.

All of us in the Conference pretty much had to sit our ass and listen to the following words:

“Speaker for”
“Speaker against”
“Point of order”
“All those in favour…against…”
“Motion carried/defeated”
“Suspend standing orders”.

Rinse and repeat for five fucking hours. 8.00pm – 1.00am.

It made everyone depressed, angry, and sad. I don’t remember coming all the way from Brisbane to be depressed. No doubt, on that night my perceptions on the conference completely changed.

You see, I was in Perth at the time for the National Liaison Committee (NLC), an organisation that basically protects international students in Australia from the likes of university mistreatment and such. Honestly speaking though, I was never interested in such things. It was my involvement with QUT Student Guild that I have to be at the conference.

Anyway, I began to wander if this is going to be the case for the whole time I am in Perth.

Thankfully though, the following morning wasn’t all verbal abuse. Instead, we got to go to Curtin University and listened to student welfare stuff. Yea, it was boring until the Australian Quarantine dogs came to show us how they work :)

*video to come soon*

Just for your info: whenever the master puts the coat on the dog, it will know that it has a job to do. Damn smart ho?

*video to come soon*

Aww…aren’t they cuuuttteee!

It was great to know that everyone was quite satisfied with how the day went. Though in the late afternoon we had to talk about student politics again, the evening was superb….

To be continued.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Shouldn't you be out partying, eating turkeys and opening presents (and act like you like the presents) right now?

Well, if you're bored or you don't celebrate chirstmas like me then enjoy this awesome chirstmas light presentation:

Super cool right??

P.S: The video for Uncle Francis opening his lemang at Bing! Cafe is up already! Check it out here or here

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Achieves 2006

From now till the start of 2007, I will be focusing more entries about (hopefully) everything that happened to me in 2006.

That includes finishing off my incomplete Perth trip and my Melbourne trip...eheh, so ashamed to say that I put those chapters off for so bloody long!!

Also, given the time I would like to write other stuffs I always wanted to write since June this year. I know, old stories that I shouldn't bother writing already...but I didn't take photos of it for nothing ya know.

If I can't finish it though...there's always January right? :)

Don't worry, I would still update stuffs that happened this month...if any that is. My only concern was uploading pictures and videos; my Internet connections have problems uploading files recently.

Anyway, Merry Chirstmas to you all! :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bloggers’ Meet at Bing! Café, Kuching

Last Saturday, I had my first bloggers’ meet at my hometown. I had one in Brisbane and another in KL (which I am currently lazy to blog about) but this meet was unlike the two I’ve went before.

This meet was, well, noisy in a good way.

Prior to the meet, I had to be at Bing! earlier with Ivan, who is my driver I hitched a ride to get there.

I ordered their Beef Lasagne with Salad as well as a Flat White. Robin was the first to arrive after us.

The lasagne looked sloppy to me, but it was a decent meal. Good amount of cheese; just needs fresh tomato sauce for a greater taste. No comment on the salad. However, Bing! is not known for its food but rather it is their coffee; and with that their Flat White did not disappoint me at all.

Hang on; this is not about Bing! Café is it?

Anyway, among the next few to arrive are Frankie, Allen, Joshua, Ant Ann and Irene. While Ivan and Robin quickly acknowledged them, I had no clue (except Joshua) to who they are and what they do! But hey, it doesn't hurt to make new friends hey?

Blurry actions

So after the basic greetings and ice-breaking moments, everyone seemed comfortable with each other. We sure talk many social things like cameras, education and food…but I am amazed how that PC game Counter-Strike as well as Warcraft III DOTA managed to be part of the stuff we talk about.

More blurry actions

Later on, Chun Chow and the funny Ben as well as Boon Kim and Geogette with the famous Ducky arrived on the scene. That was when things start to get noisier.

Ducky see Pawn...

Ducky loves Pawn :)

Until Uncle Francis Ho came by. Man, it’s like a moment of silence before a burst of joy to see a superstar.

Can't miss the man himself with that ride

You see, this Uncle damn pimp man. Not only did he arrive with a pimped-up CRV (check out that kayak on the top) but with 3 chicks! Wah liu, pimp daddy right? :P

Never afraid to show his cherries

I know by gossip and his blog that Uncle Francis isn’t exactly your average uncle; to bring in his long lemang and a couple of balls cherry tomatoes as well as an attempt to bring durians into the café, woa this uncle is funny~! He admits being a bad influence to the group of, erm, youngsters, but to bring in addition humour and zeal to the group…no wander he is so likeable :)

Same goes to Ah_Ben leh....with Uncle Francis these two damn farnee wei~

Monkey man...

...getting harrassed?

Uncle Francis opening his lemang for us.

This looked like....

Before we all left, we had group photos…which really felt like we’re in a press conferences! I think there’s about 12 cameras with two dozen flashes to our eyes…don’t tell me you don’t feel like you’re in a 15-mins of fame? Sadly Geogette wasn’t able to stay long due to work commitments :( Miss that Ducky already….

Top: Chun Chow, Ben, Robin, Boon Kim, Allen
Bottom:Joshua, Frankie, Ivan, Ann, Irene, me!, Uncle Francis
MIA: Geogette and Ducky

Overall, I really enjoyed this meet. Never thought I would get to know another two Manchester United fans (Allen and Frankie)! I know there will be more bloggers meet to go for and have a laugh with fabulous people :D Many thanks to Ivan and Robin for organising this meet and the rest for showing up!

Now folks, sing with me to the beat of 12 Things At The Day

Of the __ thing(s) at the day where the blogger’s meet took place;
12 drinks to see,
11 things I’ve learnt,
10 crazy moments,
9 new friends,
8 Ringgit for Flat White,
7 slices of lasagne,
6 bites of lemang,
5 kaki CS
4 scary stories,
3 chicks from the pimp,
2 M.U. fans,
And 1 freakin awesome time!

P.S. This has to be most memorable moment from the blogger’s meet for me:

Picture says a thousand words huh?

P.S.S: For those who has my photos and has posted online, may I request that my eyes be censored. You and your readers may know now what my eyes looked like but as a form of uniqueness may my eyes still be covered :) Yes, you can put whatever you want on my eyes.
*Nice shades you put on me Ben! :D

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is it a sin...

Is it a sin to fail to love her as much as she does?

Is it a sin to not be able to love her as much as before?

Is it a sin to not meet her expectations?

Is it a sin to break her heart sooner rather that later?

Is it a sin to know that no matter what actions you’ve made it will always hurt her feelings?
Is it a sin to only be able to say sorry and beg for friendship?

Is it a sin to love her but unable to take care of her?

Is it a sin to tell her that we can’t be together again?

P.S. Sorry for the late updates. Blame it on DOHA Asian Games.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bukit Bintang = Patpong????

I was reading this article by Wong Chun Wai the other day.

Click here

All I can say is: What The Fuck!?

That MP is such a fucking moron. Honestly, does he even been to Bukit Bintang before or not? Does he even been to Patpong at all? If he does, what the fuck is he doing there anyway?? Agama tak ajar dia ke?

He should know better that Bukit Bintang is far better than Patpong. Malaysians, you know as well as I do that we can't see the chicks dancing on a pole, wearing close-to-nothingness and definitely not that many pervert foreigners secretly tar-fei-kei-ing on boobs and ass in Bukit Bintang. OK la, if you know where to find then you smart la, but the point is that BL isn't as obvious as Patpong. Bukit Bintang's good for pak-toh leh; you bring gf to Bukit Bintang for shopping (of course you pay for everything la) sure she happy and maybe would hiaw and kiss your balls at bring gf to Patpong and I can tell you she'll cut you balls and give to the Thai she-males to suck.

Maybe he found some top-class prostitute in Bukit Bintang and maybe he fucked a she-male in Patpong that's why he dare compare the two areas. Maybe he just like his name on the newspaper. Maybe he was paid to talk like sohai. I'm sure tiuniasing can tiu him more than me if he wants to.

No matter what though, he's a moron. Go and listen to his Arab friends for what? Who the fuck are his Arab friends anyway?

I competely agree to what Wong Chun Wai said in his article. This MP should really know how to shut up.

Ish. People like him waste people's time only. This country needs to move forward and prove the world that we're quite a civilised bunch. This MP leh? If he's he PM ah, I tell in Iraq's better la!

Can someone take him out of newspapers for good please? He made George W. Bush look smarter.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An update for the sake of update

Ok, I am deprieved of an Internet access until I get back to Kuching in a week's time. So I've to rely on Cyber cafes till then....

Anyway, it's good to be back here again. Loved my Mamak sessions so far, and definitely will be more later :)

I'll be back to Kuching on the 6th December. No updates till then ok? Don't worry, I've plenty of things to write about!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Farewell, Brisbane


5 mins later

"I can't wait to go home!!!"

5 mins later

"Do I really want to leave so soon?"

5 mins later....

10 mins later....

I'll miss Brisbane, but I wouldn't miss till the point I want to comeback here.

Think Mamak; Think Bak Kut Teh; Think Laksa; Think Wan Tan Mee; Think FOOD!



I hate moving.

Oh well.

Farewell, Brisbane.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Calendar Battle: November

Kinda no mood to type tonight.

Gloria Ting VS Jessica Simpson

Red rules here

Gloria Ting

Miss Malaysia/World 2004, full-time model and an actress. She’s 23 and her height is 177cm. I like her smile.

Jessica Simpson

That bimbo in Newlyweds. She’s 26 and about 5’ 3”.



I kinda like this photo…quite classic; it has this 1970’s feel to it. Must be the brown sofa. OK pose and decent clothing. She could use a bigger smile though.

Photo Style: 7/10
Looks & Pose: 6/10


Uoohhh…she’s wet. But her facial expression potong stim la. And why the background’s so dull?

Photo Style : 4/10
Looks & Pose: 6/10


Gloria wins 13 to 10.

Jessica Simpon Fansite
New Straits Times Sunday People (link)

Malay Mail (link)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mini-bloggers meet

"If I am really concerned with my country, I wouldn't vote
with the public; I get voted by the public." (Ah_Mike)

My buddy Ivan is setting up a blogger's meet for me while I am in KL for a short while. Here's the details so far:

Date: 26 November 2006
Time: 7/8pm
Venue: Midvalley (subject to change?)

Everyone is welcome to the meeting.

Also, on midnight of 27 November is the big top-of-the-table match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Man Utd fanatics please come for the bloggers meet so that we can go watch the game later!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Birthday It Was: 2005

12.00a.m. Spring Hill, Brisbane. I was pretty much half-asleep at that time. I wasn’t much in the mood to celebrate my 21st birthday at all; not when I have to take an exam 11 hours from midnight.

Somehow, I sensed that my housemates Joshua and Ee Wah are planning some kind of a surprise on me, on my so-called big day.

I heard the door knocked. Well, I pretty much predicted right.

What I didn’t expect was a cake though. A session on alcohol was expected, but not the cake!

Rubbing in disbelief; I am only 3 years old!

As explained by Ee Wah, I had that million-dollar-look shocker face worthy of a snapshot moment. However, Joshua somehow did not manage to get the camera running on time…so I had to “fake” my million-dollar-look for him to take a photo -_-. Ironic-nya….Too bad, I don’t plan to show that picture here. I am not showing my nipples to the world *hint*

But it was all good. A good couple glasses of wine, a lovely cake to munch on and a great time talking and bitching with the best housemates I ever had to date.

Ee Wah, Joshua, and the kawaii-wannabe

I do admit, I kind of miss that short but sweet moment.

Especially the knife I used to cut the cake…I’ll let the three pictures below do the explaining:

"Say Hello to my Little Friend..."

Retard Love

The Birthday Cake Murder

I definitely don’t miss the exam I had to take later though. (Which by the way, I am now free from tertiary education! :) )

Happy Birthday to everyone born on this day :)

PS: I will be going to Cairns for my birthday and will not be blogging until my return on Saturday night at least. Till then, have fun!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Melbourne Trip 2006: Part 2

Read part 1 before you proceed.

2nd Nov: On the evening, I met up with Ling Qing, another friend of mine from Kuching. I haven’t seen her for like two years since she left Kuching for good. It was good to see her again after so long, and my, she sure matured a lot more than before! But…physical appearance’s still the same; just that she changed her once-nerdy glasses to a cool one now :P (just kidding Q…)

While we slip our hot chocolates at Starbucks and chatting (we don’t want coffee ok…leave that to my caffeine-addicted partner), I waited for another friend of mine. A special friend of mine in fact, for we never met before face-to-face. She’s what we called an online friend, and I first knew her four years ago. One of the main reasons I wanted a trip to Melbourne was to finally meet this chick before I leave Australia for good. Her name’s May by the way, and she sure has that Aussie accent.

One hour later, she finally came with her bf, Eu-Wyne. The group gets acquainted with each other, and off we go to Renzo’s Bar, Docklands.

May & Eu-Wyne
We were greeted by friendly Italian staff. However they gave better treatment to my partner, as she is called ‘signora’ by this old Italian waiter all night long. Heh, she is very attractive indeed to both young and old, but too bad, she’s taken :)

Anyway, I had ‘Salmone alla griglia’ which is “chargrilled, fresh atlantic salmon with a sweet wine sauce served with puree of potatoes” as according to their menu description. Initially I wasn’t used to the taste of the wine with the salmon itself, but after a few bites it is awesome! Too bad I took the photos of the dish using my partner’s camera instead and I still haven’t got the pictures from her…so till then, you can’t see how delicious it looks! Or you can just see a small sample of it in the picture below:

After the feast and laughter, we set out to have some camwhoring session.

Ah_Mike, Special One, LQ, May, Eu-Wyne

There were some silly pictures, but again, there’s on my partner’s camera. So you gotta come back to this blog everyday for updates :P

Telstra Dome. Dunno why I took this picture for.
Anyway, I am so happy that the night went really well. It feels good to see two friends talking to each other but never met before. More importantly, I get to meet May after so long talking to each other on MSN, and talk to LQ again in person after 2 years away. Great to know LQ’s coming to Brisbane too :)

Finally, after 4 years....

Moblie Phone quality.

Things got a bit crazy the next day though…

To be continued.

P.S: What the heck is the significance of a big fat purse on Melbourne City? They’re saying they dropped purses all the time hia?

Renzo’s Bar Café Italiano (

Happy 22nd B'day Ivan!

Eh, never thought I would actually wish my childhood buddy Ivan on this blog!

Anyway, our friendship came a long way thinks it's during Primary 3 onwards. I don't remember what was our very first conversation about, but I sure remember the first conflict we had.

It was when we're sitting beside each other, listening to our teacher (known simply as Ah_Jen) babbling about talkcock-bullshit stories of something that can described as child-propaganda. At the time we loved the Fisherman's Friend's (or Mentos?) "Old Newspaper" commercial, and we acted out the scenes from the commercial during class.

While we repeat the "old newspaper" lines that made us chuckle so much, Ah_Jen suddenly pointed and shouted at us to, well, shut the fuck up. I don't remember if she threw a chalk at us, but I do remember the change in Ivan's facial expression. Oh man, he was pretty upset with me after that!

I don't think he wanted to speak to me again...until the next day that is :) Since then, we became close friends....

Happy Birthday the way, I still have your letters dated as far as 1996. What the heck you were writing about the X-Files group for? :P

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tagged: Answer by song

Tagged by birthday boy Ivan. Thanks a lot.

How to play the game:

1) Put your music player on 'Shuffle' mode
2) Press forward for each question
3) Use the song titles as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.
4) Tag 5 other people at their tagboard to ask them to do this!
5) Bold the questions and with the answers, give your comments on how it relates to the questions.

Interesting, let's play!

How are you feeling today? (Fun Loving Spirit - Yuzo Koshino)
Oh yea, fun loving spirit indeed! *dances to the beat!*

Will you get far in life? (Holy Mountains - System of a Down)
As far up as the mountain friends...

How do your friends see you? (Hey Ya - OutKast)
I guess that's how they see me. Hmm...about time to ask my friends if they know my full name!

Will you get married? (Close Combat -ParagonX9)
Uooh...either I got a lot of competition to marry her or I'll fight with my lady all the time.

What is your best friend's theme song? (Pardon Me - Incubus)
Pardon me, but this is no way my best friend's theme song.

What is the story of your life? (Bad Girl - Usher)

What was high school like? (Give It Up - KC & The Sunshine Band)
Er...retro 80's? Yea, I give up on life in high school....

How can you get ahead in life? (Fever - Kylie Minogue)
By getting a fever, hence getting MCs and hence getting work extensions hence I got more time to make my life better :)

What is the best thing about your friends? (Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson)
They think rock is dead? So not my friends! Death to Boybands!

What is in store this weekend? (Null Moon - Akira Yamaoka)
I guess I wouldn't be seeing any moon this weekend...must be the heavy rain!

What song describes you? (Amora Amor - Bob Sinclar)
....just like a female cupid?? *Proper meaning of Amora Amor required*

To describe your grandparents? (Lonely Day - System of a Down)
Don't think I am comfortable to describe this....

How is your life going? (Devils Never Cry- Devil May Cry 3 OST)
The Devil within me controls my life right now.

What song would they play at your funeral? (She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not - She Wants Revenge)
Oh, I died in confusion...

How does the world see you? (Basement - Puddle of Mudd)
Heh, they don't see me as a top man for anything it seems. I like my basement nonetheless.

Will you have a happy life? (Confessions [Interlude] - Usher)
Guess not. Shuffle showed that I will be a cheater, a liar. OK, I confessed: I am loyal!

What do your friends really think of you? (Everyday - Jamiroquai)
I don't know what the heck they are thinking, but I believe they think of me everyday! Aw, so sweet of you guys lol!

Do people secretly lust after you? (Don't Be Arfaid [Orchestrated] -Final Fantasy VIII OST)
Don't be afraid to tell me girls :) I don't bite...but I do for the men!

How can I make myself happy? (Irish Music - The Corrs)
Nothing but some upbeat Irish music to dance around and make me happy :)

What should you do with your life? (Old School Hollywood - System of a Down)
Time to learn some tricks from the people in Hollywood.

Will you ever have children? (Deeper Underground - Jamiroquai)
I guess that's a no?

The 5 people I tagged: Jason, Diana, Rose, Aldrin, Robin

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Melbourne Trip 2006: Part 1

I got back from Melbourne 3 days ago. So half-regretting not studying there right now. A much more beautiful city than Brisbane I gotta say…though the weather is truly Victoria weather: Grey skies of depression.

1st Nov: Took Virgin Blue (Aussie equivalent to AirAsia) to Melbourne. Flight was one of the most _uncomfortable_ one I ever had. I met up with Jason for a short dinner before he rushes back to Melbourne Uni for study. Ate at this Japanese restaurant in Chinatown which I regretfully not remembered the name of the store _and_ not taken my camera out to snap :(. Explored the city a little bit.

2nd Nov: Headed to Spicy Fish Restaurant in Chinatown, this time with my partner.

Your standard Chinese veges. Yum?

We ordered the famous Spicy Fish in the restaurant. God, it’s huge for the 2 of us!

Look at the amount of oil used....

Generous amount of fish :) And it’s really hot…Szechuan hot and Malaysia-standard hot!

The perfect expression of sorts.

I believed I took 8 glasses of water for this dish.

We head to Queen Victoria Market after that. It was 2.30p.m so most of the stores were closing, but I managed to get a leather jacket. Yea, FINALLY :). $175 for it…quite reasonable considering that finding a leather jacket my size was almost impossible to get in Brisbane, what more the price (Standard price $400+ in MYERS mate).

From there, we just wander around.

We walked to Southgate. Snapped a few photos.

Walk back to the city. Snapped a couple more shots.

The Federation Square

The night was highly memorable though…

To be continued.

Melbourne Chinatown (
Queen Victoria Market (

Monday, October 30, 2006

Calendar Battle: October

Important exam in 6 hours...and I am updating this. I damn daring ho.
Wait, I've been doing that since college days...

Just a quickie update this one.

Eva Longoria VS Isabella Leong

Read rules here.

Eva Longoria:-

Best known for her role as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewifes. She is so famous, she's like everywhere in the adversiting media. Heck, I recalled my Dad having her as the desktop wallpaper on his laptop! Born March 15, 1975.

Isabella Leong:-

Hong Kong actress, singer and model...though she's still quite new to the entertainment scene (first launched her EP in 2004). She is born on June 23, 1988.

The desperate housewife or the new Hong Kong IT girl?


It is unfortunate that Eva's not showing her body in this photo, but check out her muscle leg! To be honest though, I do not know if the focus of this photo is on her face or her thighs (or both?). Background leaves much to be desired.

Photo Style: 5/10
Looks & Pose: 7/10


Ok, I can see the theme here. She's at home, ready to cook dinner with her yellow bra and yellow shorts. With her ponytail, this photos attempts to make her look cute, homely and innocent. Ok, she got no body curves to show off. And I was told by an artistic critic that girls with small boobs should never pose in front with a bra-top. I have to agree; it is obvious she's a lil...flat. Her facial expression don't match with her clothes.

Photo Style: 6/10
Looks & Pose: 5/10


Eva wins 12 to 11. I have a feeling Isabella will feature in next year's calendar though.

Youtube ( for clips
Wikipedia ( for info

Crazy week it has been

I handed in my very last assessment EVER for my uni.

Oh my God, the feeling of not having to reference any damn textbooks
anymore is orgasmic!

Now, I still got a couple more exams to go before my complete freedom from
tertiary education...just one more subject to pass....

Last week has been such an emotional roller coaster.

It's started from minor events to major events within minutes.

Like a roller coaster ride, you're given a warm welcome to the top of the view before you came rushing down, and back up and down and up and down...with a few twists along the way...

Ok, enough abstract.

Basically, a lot of good things and bad things happened to me in the last week. A lot of them are quite personal, and I don't plan to mention about it in great detail.

But it mainly involves my relationship with my gf. With family as a side story and my personal achievements as well.

Tell me, isn't it crazy enough to break up with your lover only to return together and watch Opera together in the same week? Or when you thought things might not work out but moments later everything seems to be in place again??

If you can translate extreme emotions into music tracks, I believe I had 13 tracks running in 1 hour of a CD.
Imagine going through 16 hours of that CD in a day, for the whole week.

Not even PMS can run crazy emotions like that for a week.

I hope I don't have to step into that kind of a roller coaster ride again.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

QUT Cirqutry Magazine Issue 5

I didn't write anything for this issue this time. I couldn't be bothered writing for it as I have many other assignments to finish at the time.

But do have a read on it anyway. It's the last issue for the year, and maybe the last issue before it will be renamed to accomodate other unis.

Here's the link:


Friday, October 20, 2006

The Origin of Clouded Pawn

One year ago, at the corner of a room in a Spring Hill apartment, one boy felt the need to blog on his often depressing life. He used to blog before, though the blog was highly personal, badly structured and very offensive, but decided to stop out of laziness.

He was re-inspired to blog by the likes of famous bloggers such as Kenny Sia and Sixthseal, as well friends Robin and Matthew. However, what truly got his desire to blog again was his unsatistifying life in Brisbane. He was sad about his academic life, he wasn't doing well with his finances and certainly he flopped in his love life.

Using past experiences in his life as a guideline, he decided on the name of the blog. He didn't want to start that soon, but he wants to make sure that the final name is available for use.

Originally, it was to be, but unfortunately some lady beat him to it years before...and has sadly not been updating since June 2004.

So, he brainstormed on names...the lists goes from thinkingtahi.blogspot, scorpionsting.blogspot, theunsurepath.blogspot, cloudycurse.blogspot...and many more.

He wasn't satisfied with any of the names he thought of...until he discovered the term 'pawn'.

We all know that the pawn is the piece that is from the Chess game. It wasn't the piece itself that got him interested though; it was the purpose of the pawn in the game.

Only able to move straight. Only can capture within one square. And diagonal only.

Thinking further, he realized what pawn could mean in the real world:

A sacrificial tool.

A person easy to be used.

Easy to be manipulated.

A slave to society.

It was that last sentence that moved him. That it completely reflects the way he felt at the time.
That word Clouded came by naturally because he always think so much, he figured that that word would go together with Pawn.

And that he idolize the fictional character called Cloud Strife, so he really wanted that 'Cloud' name in.

And so it was done.

Clouded Pawn was created.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Post Multicultural Fiesta...and I'm still f-busy!

Sigh, here I am, staring at my assignments yet again. Whenever I think I can finish it without problems, complications come again. Either it's the god damn criterias from the lecturers or my team members making a fuss out of the assignment.


Well, that shows that I still don't really have time put commitment on my blog...until November comes!

Yea...the thought of graduation~

Anyway, just to rant a bit...the Multicultural Fiesta went OK. Wasn't as many people as it was last year...but I got my excuses. It's on the same night as the Moon Cake Festival (which I lost most of the Chinese students for this case...and I didn't get to eat mooncake :( ). Ramadan is still going, hence losing the Muslim students AND it's bloody Week 11 of the Semester calender...that is an issue because Week 12 is where most assignments are due. So that means most international students are too busy to give a fuck about events like these. Domestic students? It was on a Friday night and I can assure you they're at the bar drinking either VB, XXXX, Toohey's or some other beer. Had the event provided alcohol we would've gotten these people...but seriously, let's not begin the question of 'How come no beer at the event!?'.

Just glad that I don't need to worry about Student Guild crap for now. Finally I can be a normal student again...Ok, normal isn't the word I would say to myself.

Haih...whatever la...time to get back to the following ASS-ignments: Advertising Plan, Campaign Portfolio (on that now), Presentation to Client, Evaluation Log and the Reflective Journal. That'5 more. Wee.

P.S: I seriously plan to go to Melbourne. Anyone in Melbourne free during the 1st week of November?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Calling all those living in Brisbane, Australia!

This Friday, October 6 is QUT Student Guild's Multicultural Fiesta!

Multicultural Fiesta is a special night where we celebrate multiculturalism (duh!) and harmony among all races within the university.

A variety of international cruisines is provided by none other than the international clubs of QUT Student Guild. From the classic Malaysian Nasi Lemak, to the Norwegian Waffles, Chinese Sausages, Hong Kong dim sum, Indian Curry...this is a must-come for those who have either a great taste buds or a great appetite or both!

In addition, the same international clubs will entertain you with some performances; from the Norwegian choir, the Vietnamese dance and more, you certainly cannot miss the time to enjoy the night! Professional performances like the latin dance will also be there for the the more reason not to miss it!

The Multicultural Fiesta will be held at the Kidney Lawn of QUT Gardens Point campus and it will start from 5.00p.m. to 9.00p.m.

I will be the host for the night as well so do come people!