Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Calendar Battle: January

Amber Chia VS Kathy Chow

The judging system:

First of all, do not choose the winner based on her history or her other photographs. In other words, judge only by the photo selected (which is the last picture of this entry).

Other than that, there are just two types of criteria:
1. Photo style: Creativity of the photo, Colours, etc. 10points max.
2. Looks & pose: 1st impressions, clothing choice, appearance that might stimulate you and such. 10 points max.
Overall would be 20 points (Criteria 1 + 2).

Oh, btw this is strictly my point of view. If you don't like my taste then too bad, but don't go blasting me about why my taste sucks.

Alrighty? Good. Proceed to either read their biographies or use Ctrl-F, type ‘---‘ and click ‘Ok’ twice to jump to the battle.

Amber Chia:-

Currently Malaysia’s top international model, Amber Chia is no doubt a really hot babe! Born in Ipoh and raise in a small village in Tawau, Sabah, this ‘kampung girl’ first grabbed the model industry’s attention after a local fashion brand shot in Bangkok (All Malaysia.info). From there on, the 24-year-old featured in magazine covers such as Her World, VMAG and FHM, as well as printed works the likes of Sony, Celcom and Diamond & Platinum.

Her endorsement doesn’t stop there as she is quite a regular in TV ads like Sony, Celcom and RC Cola. The 174cm tall Chia will be in the upcoming movie Possessed (directed by Bjarne Wong) alongside Korea’s transsexual starlet Harisu.

Her lips are definitely her sexiest part of her facial looks don’t you think so? Truly, ‘All about the Timeless Beauty’...but how does she fare against her rival?

Kathy Chow:-

Ok, this is Kathy Chow as in Kathy Chow Man Kei, not the more popular Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei. Not much I can research about her profile, just that she’s in the Hong Kong movie ‘Luen Ching Go Gup’ (Love on the Rocks, 2004 starring Louis Koo and Gigi Leung). The Hong Kong born Kathy is also a model, in fact at the same height of 174cm as Amber Chia. She has a younger sister which is actress Niki Chow (of the Feel 100% II and Fighting for Love fame).Kathy Chow is born on 20 May 1974.

I like her eyes…but can that be enough to beat Amber?


Ready? Here we go!

Amber Chia:
Ah, an interesting photo style…bamboos as the background and green as the colour theme. However…Amber somehow doesn’t look good! Her make-up especially doesn’t make her look sexy one bit. In fact, with that make-up she looked sick and pale instead. Despite her ‘come-get-me-I’m-horny’ pose, her clothes aren’t sexy enough either. Nor is her flatten-looking small breasts.

Photo Style: 6/10
Looks & Pose: 3/10

Kathy Chow:
Sigh, what a dull photo style…grey background just isn’t something I can appreciate at all. Kathy however…ouhh, excellent! Posing like Superman and the oh-so-arousing red underwear, she certainly knows how to make men imagining perverted stuff. At least I and my brother (both meanings if you get what I mean) are quickly becoming her fans. She looks intimidating, but I guess that’s to go with the Superman pose. A small amount of wind to blow her hair is also a plus for me.

Photo Style: 3/10
Looks & Pose: 9/10

Amber Chia disappointingly finished at 9/20 while Kathy is at 12/20. Sorry Amber, I like you and you could have won it with other photos, but of all the photos you allow FHM to publish you chose that photo. If that’s not the case then blame FHM for selecting such photo. Meanwhile, I think I should watch that Love on the Rocks show again and see Kathy Chow.

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Amber Chia Official Website (www.amberchia.com)
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Sam said...

Amber Chia straight down.

Classy over raunchy.

Jason said...

amber chia wins hands down man

Chris said...

But Amber Chia looks like a drug addict coming down from a high (in that pic anyway). All other times i would pick Amber but in this case you must agree that this isnt her best pic .

Ah_Mike said...

Hope you guys were judging based on that picture and not on other pictures you have seen.

robin said...

more points would have been given if more skin was revealed

Ah_Mike said...

So you're saying Kathy's the winner for you then Robin? No, don't say other girls and stick to the selected photo.

Sigmoid said...

For the skin exposure and the tight clothing... need we say more?! Hehehe... A picture paints a thousand words... Kathy's picture I mean. Sorry Amber, you ain't getting my vote this time round.

Daniel Tan said...

Amber Chia!!! Why no Carmen Soo one? T_T

Ah_Mike said...

? If sigmoid has commented...then who's that sam?

Sigmoid said...

Some other Sam. Hehehe... not me for sure.

Sam said...

Sum1 who got handed this blog link by a fren.i dun noe u, u dun noe me...anonymity rox.

Ah_Mike said...

Cool...an unknown Sam...I just checked your profile though. A Kuching girl. Wee, a girl lol.

You sure Amber should win btw?

Sam said...

LoL, seems like you've already found out who I am ler.

And yea, Kuching girl. Pure chinese. Heh~ Yesh, Amber should win.

At least she aint going around posing in her underwear making guys look down there instead of at the fashion statement shes supposed to be making. doi~

Ah_Mike said...

Erm, Miss Sam, these pictures are in a man's magazine. Men don't understand women's fashion ideas (in general la).Even if it's about fashion, Amber has better looking clothes than that right ;)

Sam said...

So you're saying all guys who read that magazine are sleazy horny testostorone filled guys who really really just want more nude or enticing photos and really don't ive a damn about fahsion statements yea?


Ah_Mike said...

Well, i didn't mention that all guys are like that. That wouldn't be fair for me and the guys I know would it? ;) Men wouldn't need the magazines to be sleazy anyway...that's when the internet comes in sweetie.

Sam said...

LoL. I wonder if you've listened to my fave song by avenue Q den.

U pretty much support their notion.