Friday, January 27, 2006

“Calendar Battle”: The Preview

I better post this up before January ends. Haha, that’s how lazy I’ve become.

For the past three years I’ve always brought the FHM magazine, not really for the articles that please the male readers but for their famous calendar issue in December. Sorry, I correct myself; December is the only time I buy the magazine.

Guys aren’t different from girls when it comes to putting up pictures of their favourite celebrities (usually the opposite gender btw). Hence I’ve the right to talk about how hot this babe is and how gay Westlife is don’t I?

Anyway, last month I brought the FHM magazine Malaysia edition as usual (RM14 in East Malaysia…damn it!).

Pussycat Dolls nice to look meh? Look at #2 & #6 from left.

I'm satisfied that the articles have improved, though the Nautica™ brochure wasn’t useful for me. They even gave out a sample of Romanometro EDT perfume for us. Haha…too strong for my liking though.

In case you're asking, that's Chong Ee Ling.

A week later, I discovered this magazine:

Dunia Ajaib?

Now, you might be asking this: - Do I know how to read Chinese?

…no, I don’t. So yes, it was pointless for me to buy this Mysterious World magazine (RM7.50). Judging by their English headlines like ‘Miss Playboy TV 2005’ and ‘AV Look’ though…I bet the articles are much more interesting than FHM Malaysia edition.

I checked the pictures inside the magazine. Fuck, I regret not knowing how to read Chinese for this matter. (Yea, picture says a thousand words…but it doesn’t mention her name does it?)

Can anyone read what it says? :(

The quality of the mag isn’t as great as FHM though. You get lots of black and white newspaper-like pages…but thankfully they’re smart enough to put colour on the more ‘important’ pages. The magazine provided a Horoscope booklet as well…but nothing much really.

Alright, enough review on the magazines. Like FHM, I brought Mysterious World for their calendar. Honestly though, I’ve never heard of the magazine before…even if it’s already issue #456 and it’s a weekly mag. [Correct me if I’m wrong]

Here’s the photo of the calendars.

As you can see, FHM’s calendar is slightly bigger than the Mysterious World’s (shorten to MW) calendar. The quality of FHM’s is better too compared to MW’s. FHM even has Samsung® to sponsor the calendar, just like Johnnie Walker® and Carlsberg® had for the previous two calendars. MW’s calendar on the other hand had the more interesting title; would you like a “Girlfriend of The Month” more than nothing?

The participants. Can you name them all?

At the back, MW added the names of the “girlfriends” in addition to putting up their facial photos. FHM merely lines up the facial photos of their selection.

12-in-1 or 1 big one?

The middle page of the calendar is unique to the calendars. For the lazy people, FHM placed the 12 photos and the calendar itself into a page. Meanwhile, MW goes for longevity and placed a poster in the middle. It’s up to you to decide which is better, but I’ve a feeling perverts would make full advantage of the hole at the bottom of Yuko Ogura’s undies though…or MW purposely chose that photo for that matter?

It would be unfair to compare the magazines in general since I can’t read Chinese for shit. However, over the next 12 months I, along with you readers should make a comparison with the calendars.

Who will win?

Let the Calendar Battle begin!

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