Friday, January 20, 2006

The Greatest Idea McDonalds™ has ever had for Advertising!

Firstly, I hate McDonald’s™ (McD’s in short, or Maccas for you Aussie readers). I got sick of eating their burgers since I was 15…not to mention their ever decreasing burger sizes and their ever increasing price rates for it. Besides, why pay for some horny-looking, red-headed clown when burgers like Ramlee burger or even Burger King/Hungry Jacks make tastier burgers / bigger sizes.

I knew it! Ronald McDonald is a fucking pervert!

There are some things I don’t mind about McDonald’s™ though. McD’s ice-cream is safe to eat and cheap. In Malaysia, the McD’s marketing personnel came up with the Prosperity Burger©, at a cost of a prosperous-sounding RM8.88 for medium size (includes curly fries and diluted orange juice). This Prosperity Burger© is seasonal; you can only get it when Chinese New Year is around the corner.

Also, if you want to win a girl’s heart or to keep that little brat to shut up, McD’s toys (sponsored or local) are surprising good to get.

Anyone recalled the Hello Kitty® & Dear Daniel® Wedding edition?

However, it was their strong and often creative advertising that got me to, well, tolerate and ‘enjoy’ that brand name till this day. Simple yet effective slogans like “I’m loving it” (2004) and “Good Time, Great Taste, That’s Why This Is My Place” (1988), and also their use of emotional appeal in their TV ads over the years truly cemented their reputation as the family fast-food brand.

Then they came out with one of the most genuine advertising placement of all time:

I saw this last week and I just can’t help it but to say: What. The. Fuck.

Longkang also they want!

Ok, so it was fake…but I bet this was an experiment by the McD’s marketing people!

I say the golden arch was first designed by a kid!

Watch out…McDonald’s™ are after your longkang too!

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robin said...

Burger King/ Hungry Jacks Rules !!!! Muahahaa..
Double cheese double bacon double beef burger.. anytime !!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto!! Love Ramli's burger. Lol...e pic about ronald was hilarious.