Thursday, January 05, 2006

The most beautiful poem ever.

A Tribute To Mike

Twas the night before New Year of two thousand six
Mike was planning to get stone drunk for kicks
He had a table at Soho, and cash in his hand,
He was ready to party with his merry band.

He was dressed to the nines and perfect was his hair,
Off he went to Soho to meet his friends there,
For all of his friends, he poured them a round,
Chivas and tequila, all that, he downed.

Both bottles was gone all within 1 hour,
It was then that for Mike it all went sour.
He was dancing around when his head became light,
Then it was obvious what he did wasn’t too bright.

He sat down besides an old man whose name I’ll omit,
And soon Mike was sick and then he had vomit.
Picking him up, I brought him to the bathroom,
In there his throwing up quickly resumed.

It was then I made a choice, which might not be right,
I chose to bring him home, bad idea in hindsight.
I tried to bring him to the car quite far away,
But soon I had to let him continue to spray.

After he puke he was still sitting down,
It didn’t take long before he was lying on the ground!
He was built like an elf but I was about to find out
Drunk people are heavy especially when they passed out.

I tried to haul him like how a fireman would carry,
But after two car length my legs turned to jelly,
I had to call for help and two mates came to the rescue,
We threw him in the car and noticed Mike lost his left shoe!

To the house we went in lightning quick speed,
Drag him and pull him to his room, we did!
When he awoken, I was told he had a real shock,
He saw he only had on his undies and his socks,

He then realized he was home, lying on his bed,
His head was hurting, a hangover he had.
He tried to remember for half an hour,
But he cannot recall, the shock! The horror!

Remember kids, like all good stories there’s a lesson in store
Be careful of your cravings you might get what you wish for.
Don’t wish for your self to be the one that is wasted,
Think of this story and how Mike suffered.
- Chris Cheng 2006

(Many thanks to Chris for taking the effort to erm, humiliate me further.)


Daniel Tan said...
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Daniel Tan said...

0_0 This is so COOL!!! Ever considered sending this to Eminem? He may turn this into an international hit. Ahaha... Lovely.

Anonymous said...

r u serious??/ ahahhahaha wasted man ur NY.. but cool.. no wonder saw u online at weird hours that day.. hahaahha take care man, dun get OVERLY drunk again~~~


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!Was there to witness the historic event! I love 2006!!!