Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yamato in My Head (and below)

Ok, I’m having way too much exposure on the Yamato for the last week and hence I have to blog about it.

Wait up, what is a Yamato? Another variation of the line “Yamete”, notoriously overused in Japanese AV? A cuter type of tomato? Or just another way of saying Nia ma chow hai?

None above, really. It’s a ship. No, not a sampan, but a Battleship.

(The History of Battleship Yamato: - click the link, and do bother to read it!)

I have heard of the Yamato before when I was younger, but I only recalled the name when I had a look on my brother’s old photos. One photo featured his housemate posing as Dr. Evil (of the Austin Powers fame). Along with the pose, he held two things;

a picture of Dr. Evil

and (yeap, you guess it) a model of the Yamato (for it was his birthday pressie).

Heck, the actual photo is right below:

The next evil genius with his evil plan...

A couple of days after I’ve seen that photo, I was TV surfing when Discovery Channel mentioned that the documentary on the Yamato was next. My curiosity got the better of me.

No shit, that’s one BIG-ASS battleship man! As big as my lanciao man I dunno how big is ---862'10" x 121'1" x 32'11"--- but I will just imagine it as big as Subang Parade. People with excellent Maths please tell me the closest popular building in Malaysia that is as big as that dimension and I’ll change my imagination.

Hmm…if you cut every single penis available in Kuching, joined it all together to one big mofo penis, could it still be smaller than the Yamato? No offence, just a thought.

Anyway, several days later, I’ve found this on the Internet:


OMG! There’s a movie for that ship??


[Download the trailer here. 10MB only.]

Woa, Titanic meets Pearl Harbour. Thank God there’s no sign of Ben Affleck or Leonardo Dicaprio. Or both.

So popular was the Yamato Battleship to the Japanese culture that the Japs created an anime with the Yamato as the inspiration.

Anyone recalled Space Battleship Yamato?

Even the PC game ‘Starcraft’ had a bit of inspiration with the legendary battleship's fat-ass cannons.

In the game, the unit ‘Battlecruiser’ had a weapon that was simply called ‘Yamato Gun’.

Later on, I found out a little less known things about the Yamato, such as Yamato () actually means “the name of the country in ancient Japan from the 4th century to the 7th century” (www.h2.dion.ne.jp/~chimaki/nkq/yamato/what.htm).

I’m not the biggest fan of WWII history and stuff, but for the first time I actually like a WWII warship. The only thing sad with this ship is that it didn’t actually give the Imperial Japanese Navy any major success.

Hitting the Big-O? More like Big-U la!
Oh, I recalled a part on an interview with a Yamato survivor. He mentioned that the ship was so hardly involved in action the ship was nicknamed “Hotel Yamato” by the crew.

Anyway, there is no proper conclusion to this entry. Like I said earlier, I was constantly being informed about the Yamato last week.

Wait, there is a conclusion: Buy the model of the Yamato battleship and put it in a bathtub full of water. Make sure the cannons are aiming at the Rubber Duckie floating at some distance from the ship. Finally, take a good photo of the ‘scene’ and put it on your computer wallpaper. It might be disturbingly funny. Either that or I’m just being lame.

*My tribute to the crew of Yamato that lost their lives in battle to protect their homeland, even though the Japanese are part of the Axis back then.

(Next: The movie review on King Kong.Would the mighty gorilla fall from the Empire building with tears of happiness or tears of sadness?)

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Chris said...

Yamato! Musashi!

Damn big assed guns.

Pic of Yamato

Too bad both of them sank. Nice post.

Sigmoid said...

Hmmmm... can we not have you review King Kong? I cried in the end of the movie... not because it has a sad ending, but i bloodily lost 10 bucks watching it! Oh well...

Sigmoid said...

oh.... good post on the Yamato. Really reminded me of Starcraft. Hehehe...