Thursday, February 23, 2006

Calendar Battle: February

Jim Carrey VS Lleyton Hewitt

Mariah Carey VS Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Mariah Carey:-

Mariah’s one of the Pop Divas in the music industry. Since young, she’s gifted with extraordinary musical abilities. After singing backup for Brenda K. Starr, she got her breakthrough with Sony Music Entertainment. Her self-titled debut album, which was released in 1990, brought her to celebrity stardom as she had four #1 singles from the album. Since then, she came up with an amazing 13 other albums, with her famous albums ‘Butterfly’ (1997) and ‘Rainbow’ (1999) as well as her latest album ‘The Emancipation of Mimi' (2005). She sucks in acting though (Read: Glitter).

She will be 36-years old by March 27 this year.

Personally, I cannot appreciate her style of music. I will not be bias to her though just because I hate her music. She’s cute after all…and has tremendous plastic boobs to compete with other female celebrities and erect some men. Is her angelic voice enough to win?

Jennifer Love Hewitt:-

This Texas-born girl got involved with the entertainment industry ever since she was young too. At three, she sang “The Greatest Love of All’ at a livestock show. At five, she took up tap, jazz and ballet lessons which led her to joining the Texas Show Team…and at 10; she got involved with commercials and Disney’s “Kids Incorporated”. While she became famous in ‘Party of Five’ (1994) it was her role as ‘Julie James’ in ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ (1997) that made her a true international star. She then appeared in numerous other movies, which last I’ve seen her is in ‘Garfield’ (2004).

She is not only an actress, but a singer as well. She has three albums to her credit, her last album being ‘Barenaked’ (2002). She can sing, but not near ‘Diva’ status though.

She is born on February 21, 1979.

She sure has the looks and the legs. Thankfully she’s not as whiny and bitchy as other female celebrities. She even acted as Audrey Hepburn’…that’s how hot she is. She’s young and talented indeed…but will she be the ‘Butterfly’ or will she be the ‘Glitter’ in this battle?


Ready? Let’s go!

Mariah Carey:
With a tree trunk as the background, it gives the perceptive that the photo is natural. Carey looks quite innocent with her nice smile and the white sweater she is wearing. However, she looked a bit…fat. Especially her thighs…that size must be like a whole well-fed chicken. That line between her chests is quite an attention-grabber though.

Photo Style: 7/10
Looks & Pose: 6/10

Jennifer Love Hewitt:
With the dark background and the black dress (or was it?), the focus is truly on Hewitt herself. The lighting from the right side of the photo enhances her beautiful skin. Should she ask for money while she does that pose, chances are you would accept her request. Do I need to say what her attraction-factor is? Her very white nails kinda scare me though…her hands look like she’s turning into a zombie.

Photo Style: 7/10
Looks & Pose: 7/10

It was tough to choose between chicken thighs and zombie hands…but Hewitt prevails (6-1 3-6 7-6…sorry, wrong Hewitt) 14 to Carey's 13. While this isn’t her best photo, Jennifer Love Hewitt won me over with the pose…Carey’s smile helped a lot, but her unfortunate size made me think of Love more. So in short, Jennifer’s the ‘Butterfly’, Mariah’s the ‘Glitter’.


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robin said...

dude.. how can u compare carey and hewitt ???? of course jennifer owns HUGE time !!!!
Man.. i have always been crazy bout hewitt anyway.. wahhahahahhaaaa.....

Sigmoid said...

based on the photo... i'll go for mariah... cause her pose seems more inviting compared to hewitt.

Chris said...

And the winner is.........

Mariah Carey

...... just because its the one hanging on me wall and I am not a fan of love hewitt.... nor carey for that matter.

based on the photo ... its a tie ... they both look unappealing.

Ah_Mike said...

Foreigners aren't as interesting hey?

geek said...

i am the butterfly AND the glitter. mwahhahaha...

Sam said...

Jennifer for This round. Mariah looks like she has the cramps or something...or maybe its a zen/orang utan pose?


Ah_Mike said...

LOL!! Yea, come to think of it, a bit the orang utan...Hey Ozzy, glad you've read me blog :)But don't perasan you think you're the butterfly la lol