Sunday, February 19, 2006

In about 3 and a 1/2 hours....

I will be going to Brisbane.

I can officially say: I'm ready.

48 hours ago I wasn't ready though. Actually missing home before I even left. Haha.

Events in the past 48 hours got me mentally prepared to go back there though.

See, I have a few critics. Those that look down on you. I will not say their names, but their assumptions were downright too much.

I believed I did good things to them, but my reward was fucked-up shit instead. Sad, but I get these kind of situation very often.

About damn time I've enough of being pushed around.

So with that, I'm eager to go back. I may not like Brisbane very much, but I have to get not one, but two items. My degree, and my respect.

Till then, wait till I've settled in Brisbane (at least a couple of days) and I will do a proper update. Next update will be current fav. entry "Calendar Battle: February".

*I'm also upset that Liverpool beat MU in the FA Cup 5th Round. Damn Crouch. And I saw Alan Smith's freaky injury. Broken leg and a dislocated knee. Ow.
** Oh, and the damn cockroach that hides at the living room decided to visit my room upstairs. Gah! It sure likes me.


Sam said...

LoL...You're letting oher people get to you? LoL..I wodner if u'll speak diff when u finish ur mass com degree.

=P More professional liaw wor. luck and ur gonna miz kch~! ;)

ps. I cant bliv we lost either. Sucky indeeeeeeed~! Sheesh~! roaches are scary and mizunderstood. They are almost human. Thats why we kill them. We don't like other creatures comin up to the same level as us.

Ivan said...

hey man! ur now in brisbane so try and enjoy it dude! Will be looking forward to end of the year when u come back... all the best

Sigmoid said...

i bet its too late to wish you safe journey... coz u r already safely there in briz. anyway, see you again when u come back ya... till then keep these two goals for while u r in briz...

1. You are who your are, no matter where you are, no matter who you are with!

2. Gain 5 kg!

Cheers cuzz! Will mahjong with u again when u come back ya!