Sunday, February 05, 2006

Red is the new green?

Not too long ago, my mom bought this curry paste:

My mom’s pretty mad about the GoodMum™ brand. She got curious with what Borneo Curry Paste taste like…she assumed it was to be quite a Thai-style green curry, at least based on the picture la.

It turned out like this:

Serious, I didn’t photoshop the colour. It’s really red. Just like most curries. W00T!

P/S: Despite the colour, it tastes pretty good. Thinking of bringing this over to Brisbane and see ang mo face turn 'green'.

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robin said...

hmmm.. maybe they forgot the green coloring additive !!!!!
that explains it !! wahahhahaa

Daniel Tan said...

Yummy, reminds me of Grandma's devil chicken curry...

Sigmoid said...

sure looks like the green curry your bro brought to my house. hehehe....