Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Calendar Battle: March

Chiling Lin VS Kasumi Nakane

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Chiling Lin:-

As the “Daughter of Taiwan”, Chiling Lin is the face of Taiwan in the modelling industry. She started as a teen model about 10 years ago, and like many models, she was walking on the runway without fame…

…until Jerry Yan, a member of the famously-gay F4 (also known as Faggot 4, Fucking 4…press Alt-F4 if you really love this boy-band) found her that is. Since then, the Taiwanese media went crazy over Chilling, and her personality changed to suit her stardom. In 2004, she has earned about US $1,000,000 from promoting various products.

She’s not only a model, but a TV host as well. Chiling was the host for shows like “TVBS-G LA mode News”, “TVBS-G fashion track” and even the “Golden Melody Awards” in 2005. Not bad considering that she wants to be a TV news anchor in the future.

“Ling-Ling” is born on 29 November 1974, with the height of 174cm.

No doubt about, she is real hot! However, it is her heart-melting smile that probably got most boys excited. Why she decided to accept Jerry Yan is something I don’t understand though.

Would the smile of the Taiwanese model melt her opponent into submission though?

Kasumi Nakane:-

Not much I can find out about Kasumi to be honest. The only little information I can get is that she’s a Japanese celebrity whose best time of her career was in 1998, appearing in major forms of media (TV and magazines in particular). She might still be active in the entertainment industry in Japan [to be confirmed with my fellow Japanese friends].

Funny enough, her name appears in some sites related to pornography. Could she be an AV star?

Anyway, she is born on 3 April 1982 with the height of 164cm.
After looking more pictures of her, I have to say she sure has the legs, and she’s pretty cute. She’s the youngest of the girls in this Calendar Battle so far too (A difference of 12 years between Kasumi and Mariah). A lot of Kasumi in bikini’s by the way…so that’s a plus.

Can the Japanese cutie win? Let’s find out.


Time to judge:-

Chiling Lin:

With the setting of the Western-design pillars (or a gate?), Chiling’s black dress and a white tablecloth, it gives me the perception that the theme is about a high-class dinner or a ball. Chiling’s pose, however gives me another perception: she looked like she’s having a serious debate/argument over someone at the opposite table. I supposed that pose is to make her look tough; hence she wasn’t smiling which is a sad thing. Look at her tummy though; I don’t think she’s pregnant is she? I like that small part of her thigh she revealed.

Photo Style: 6/10
Looks & Pose: 5/10

Kasumi Nakane:

Kasumi’s in a bikini. Nice, but…why is she posing at a window of a wooden house instead of a beach where that bikini belongs?? Not the wisest selection of background I must say, as it didn’t help enhance Kasumi’s beauty. Good thing she smiled, and that breast curve of hers is a plus. Her ass uncharacteristically the size of J.Lo sort of turns me off though.

Photo style: 3/10
Looks & Pose: 6/10


Quite a close battle…Kasumi could have won it had she pose with a nicer background for her bikini, but in the end Chiling prevails 11 to 9. It is a bit disappointing for Chiling though, with her being a model, the “Daughter of Taiwan” and all that.

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chris said...

hahahaha .. good commentary as usual .. i think i agree with you this time as well ...

and i agree that kasumi's ass in that pic is just way too big ... hehehe .. reminds me of Triumph the insult dog.. to see what i mean check this out
triump vs j'lo

Sam said...

LoL...and I agree with all of the results from the above...forget the tummy, its not that big...the ass practically makes her face invisible...

So, between the two asians...girl with bad pose but nice leg wins over girl with nice outfit (and curves) but big ass.


Sigmoid said...

this time i agree with your verdict! hehehe...

Jasmine said...

Oh...nice judgement
I agree with your opinion about Chiling's pose...

But,sorry!! I disagree with some parts and have to say some thing for an auntie like me.

How can you compare two girls with 8-year difference? unfair...

Ah_Mike said...

ahahahha...relax jasmine, it's not like I want to compare a woman and a girl. Both Chiling and Kasumi were in the March calender for 'FHM' magazine and 'Mysterious World' magazine. Hence I'm comparing girls the magazine chose for their calendars.

So what did you actually disagree? What about Tommy? He didn't say anything?

da'piNkch3ekz said...

*tee hee*
Im not familiar with either gals, BUT... judging by the pics alone, I'd prefer Chiling. Altho I wasn't too impressed with her first and 2nd pic... It was reli the 3rd one that made me think, "she's pretty". :)

The jap gal didn't cut it for me at all. Her pics look like she's trying to do the whole.. "cute" thing. but i dont reli see it. i guess she just rubbed me off the wrong way. haha... thats my two cents. hope i didnt offend ne1.