Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Question: My School times

Apparently, I got tagged by Aldrin. I dunno how did this tag thingy got started...but anyway, I'll play along...

How many schools did I go to?
Let’s see…it starts from Salvation Army Kindergarten, then SRB St. Thomas, then SRK Sri Subang Jaya, then SMK Subang Jaya, then SMK St. Thomas….You want to include my college and uni as well? Nah, that ain’t school.

Was I the studious nerd or the last-minute hero?
I don’t ever remember being a studiuos nerd…more like a gaming nerd :). So yea, I’m the last-minute hero…but half the time the hero fails…oh well.

Was I the class Tai Je or the teacher's pet?
Ohh…I’m neither actually. I’m usually the quiet boy in class. Serious.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
Don’t remember liao lo…I left school like…4 years ago? I remember breaking all the standard rules (liquid paper to long nails…at all nonsense), but I don’t remember doing anything big. Sigh, I regret not breaking more rules.

3 subjects I enjoyed:
English: Cause I ‘owned’ my Form 4 and Form 5 class in that subject lol! In fact, I gave the Science students a run of their money :)

Art: Cause it is fun and always a guarantee pass for SPM :)

Geography: Cause the teacher was fucking hot.

Commerce: Cause it is related to what I am studying now.

3 teachers that inspired me:
3 teachers only? I think none inspired me:P. Ugh, I can’t use my teachers during college/uni…wait, I remember:

Mr. Austin Pao:
My primary school teacher, which until this day and time I still clearly remember his face and his attitude. Funny enough, I don’t remember his teachings, but I remember his jokes on the class…and on me!
Once he made the whole class tease me by singing “Ah Moi cantik kahwin dengan Ah Pek” (A beautiful girl married to an old man) since I apparently hunch my back a lot. I used to find that insulting I guess…yes, I did cry, happy now? Another thing I remember was his “silent clapping”; basically put your index and middle together from each hand and clap them. He said it’s to acknowledge one’s genius/remarks without making the class noisy.


If I can still remember him, then he’s really a good man. I don’t even know if he’s still around since he is quite old…:(

Mdm. Ong:
Oh man…she’s one of the toughest teacher I’ve ever met! She taught me Primary 6 Maths during my solo year in SRK Sri. Subang. I will always remember her “militaristic way of teaching”, also known as “one-rotan-one-mistake”. I remembered she was so disappointed with my crappy results on February 1996 that she told my mom to make me join her tuition. The results of her tuition from Hell? From a ‘C’ grade in February to an ‘A’ in my UPSR (major exam for 12 year olds). Now? Don’t bother…I can’t count for shit anymore and I’ll probably get her rotan in my anus if I meet her again.

“Get Tough” would be my inspiration from her.

Mr. Peter Foo:
Now, he’s not a teacher, but a (now former) principal of SMK St. Thomas. He’s not loved by the boys, but after seeing what he has done to the school today, he has my respect. Once St. Thomas was sort of “one of the last schools you want to send your boy to”. Now, it’s no doubt one of the top schools to go to. The school environment, once filled with just grass, now turns so an awesome garden. The school ID card, once required your passport photo, is now digital. All thanks to Mr. Peter Foo.

Now that’s what I call ‘Revolution’. What a change. I envy the St. Thomas boys today.

He may not be a teacher, but he sure indirectly taught me something: You want to change something you got to show it and prove it.

Who to tag?


saykhia said...

Haha.. It is kinda hard for me to imagine you as the quiet boy in class. =P

robin said...

St thom rocks !!!! wooo hooooo.....
yeah.. u quiet meh?? unbelieveable..

ivan said...

GO ST THOM!!! WOHOO!!! im an ex thomian

Sigmoid said...

Aim Higher (so much so that I got lost..)

Ah_Mike said...

Ahaha...don't believe I'm the quiet fella in class meh? Ask my classmates at the time lo :D

Dienasty said...

Hehe. Well, Peter Foo DID teach history. Heard him once in class. But now the new principal ...

Sigh. Mr Wong Hiong Foo. Looks like a cross between William Hung and Tun Jugah. We all dunno how his personality is yet.

Ah_Mike said...

!! A cross between William Hung and Tun Jugah?? Bad...real bad...