Sunday, April 30, 2006

Calendar Battle: April

It’s hours away from the end of April, and only now I finalised this entry. Sorry, my bad: P Anyway…

Natasha Hudson VS Chiling Lin

For the rules, click here. Ctrl-F, type ‘---‘ & Enter to jump to battle.

Natasha Hudson:-

A model, a singer, a dancer, a TV presenter, an actress…she’s done it all. 15 years of experience altogether yet she is only 23/24!

This petite girl with an Australian – Malaysian/Indonesian parentage started her stunning career at the age of seven. She first appeared in the Malaysian media as a cheerleader in a Nesquick commercial, followed by a McDonald’s ad and a few more ads. She went off the camera for a while until she was 16 when Pantene got her back on the spotlight. From then on her work continues to grow, as she started modelling at the same age and appearing in print ads.
That didn’t stop her from finishing a three-year diploma in graphic design and going to the United States for her degree. She even enrolled herself in the Chicago School of Arts, completing a degree in performing arts and excelling in dancing the flamenco. She also managed to do a couple of modelling stints over there.

Upon her return to Malaysia, she gave her modelling a break and joined an advertising company. However, things didn’t work out for her and hence going back to modelling was her wise decision. After some time modelling in Singapore, Thailand and Europe, she worked with L’oreal for an ad before she was offered to act in a mini-drama. Her acting career did not go far though as she had two unsuccessful teledramas on TV3 and a movie that never made it to the big screen.

Nonetheless, she is the current host of Astro Ria’s Fashion TV.

Oh, she has performed with some bands in Singapore has recorded a demo some time back. She’s doing everything is she?

Natasha has been hailed as one of Malaysia’s 20 Most Celebrated Models to be dressed by the country’s Most Celebrated Fashion Designers at an event organised by jewellery company Rafflesia Pearl Centre and Glam magazine (New Straits Times, 2005).

Right, where should I start? OK, to be honest I don’t find her to be the prettiest of the lot. Google couldn’t help me find more photos of her, but so far…she’s not my taste la in short. She has those kissable lips though.

Would this talented lady can get the better of…

Chiling Lin:-

[For more info on her, click here]

She’s back! The “Daughter of Taiwan” is back!

Just like the Terminator.

She has won it the last time…can she make it a double?


Judgement Day:-

Natasha Hudson:
A fairly average background…but with her leaning beside a pillar with her red-hot dress, you would be forgiven if she’ll say “What you’re up to boy?” should you be in front of her in real (or fantasy) life. She has the kinky eyes, but her slight muscle tones from her arm just don’t get me excited. Is that C-Cup breast size for real or is that made out of plastic?

Photo Style: 4/10
Pose & Looks: 6/10

Chiling Lin:
Oh my God…she is so beautiful in this picture! The colour tone of the curtain-like background matches really well with her skin...and that short skirt did wonders to the photo. She posed nicely to show her curves too. Notice her top part of her dress is a heart-shape. The best of all: she SMILED! Ok, so it’s not a wide-smile, but at least she smiled :)

Photo Style: 8/10
Pose & Looks: 9/10

Chiling came back from her disappointing result last month to get herself a massive 17 points and literally stomped on Natasha’s 10. Talented as Natasha may be, but she’s not in the league of Chiling when it comes to beauty. Again, there’ll be some that prefers Natasha, but for me, Chiling won hands down.

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Sam said...

LoL...agreed...natasha looks chubby...^.^"
Chiling on the other hand looks...I don't friends would probably say "kawaii" or some other "cute-cute" reference...
chiling wins!

Ah_Mike said... never occured to me that Natasha's chubby...but her arm is :P

Sigmoid said...

agree with your scoring.