Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Chessboard Down

Clouded Pawn will be temporary unavailable due to the following errors:

1) Hot Topic Written: Chapter 7 - Segmenting and Targeting

A 2,000-word essay describing the benefits of segmenting the market and and the various types of segmentation used by companies today. Academic research and references required for maximum grade.

2) Self-Map Graphic Design

Using Adobe Photoshop, one must design a 'self-map' of a self identity by using images that represents time, location and theme/concept. A 200-word brief is required for an explaination of the design.

3) Case Study Analysis: Public Relations Efforts for and againsts a Biosolid Research Facility

A 2,500-word essay explaining the problems faced by a company and the alternative solutions to resolve the case. Academic research and references required for maximum grade.

All errors should be fixed by Thursday 13 April 2006. Clouded Pawn should be back online by Good Friday at the earliest.

Apologies for the inconviences.


P.S: Wow, this blog has hit the 1,000 viewers mark! Cool...