Monday, April 17, 2006

One of the stupidest thing I've read...

First off, I'm BACK! After a fuck-up, stressful Thursday finishing assessments and taking three days sleeping, arcading and even a KTV session (!), I got my blogging hat back on. My Good Friday and Easter's crap though...seriously, Brisbane has no life when it comes to public holidays (maybe except Christmas, but I'm not around by then anyway)

Ok, so I promised more story on 'Lucky!', but that'll have to come a bit later as I'm still testing the phone.

Right now however, will be something that is simply…shocking.

Not too long ago, I read an article on The Courier Mail. The contents of the article simply bemuse me.

Have a read on the article below by clicking on the image.

And for the lazy readers...

What the fuck man…what kind of club is that??? Suing a person for “stealing” their water…the water’s not even enough to water a plant la! Goodness…such horrible public relations.

Sigh…if this is the mentality of Australians in general, then I shouldn’t even think about living here.


saykhia said...

Yet another country acting miserly over their water. Like Singapore. (Kidding, ya' Singaporeans).

Australians too bo su cho, maybe.

robin said...

Holy Cow !!!
did not expect the mentality of the people here to be there !!
ouch... maybe we malaysians are not so bad after all...

Ah_Mike said...

Well said Robin.

And yea Aldrin, Aussies really too bo su cho...all they care is their Barbies (BBQ)

chris said...

hehehehe .. no lar i think this is more about petty squables than anything else.

robin .. what makes you think malaysian g wont do the same? but then again malaysian ppl wouldnt be bothered to test the water in the first place.

Ah_Mike said...

Petty squables or not, it's still a stupid article. Lucky the newspaper was given free.

Somehow I feel Malaysian journalism is much better than the Aussies.