Sunday, April 23, 2006

Samsung SGH-X640 Camera Phone: Part 1 - The Story

I was in my workplace on Friday when I received the call:

Ah_Mike: [insert office name], this is Mike speaking.

Unknown: *with an absolute fake Indian accent* Hello, is this the number [insert number]?

A_M: Yes, it is. Can I help you?

U: *with a higher pitch* Congratulations Sir! You have won yourself a mobile phone!

A_M: (what the fuck?) Huh??

Salesperson: Yes, sir, you have won yourself a Samsung camera phone! This number is just one out of the five lucky numbers our company has chosen!

A_M: (what kinda joke is this?) Erm, really?

S: Yes, Sir! In addition of the Samsung camera phone, you will also be provided a free Optus™ plan of $230 credit!

Nothing to do with the actual scenario.

I was pessimistic about all this “free” shit. Didn’t help that I was pretty busy with my workload and I need to get back to work soon.

A_M: So what phone did I exactly win?

S: Well, Sir, the phone you have won is a Samsung SGH-X640 camera phone. It can take pictures as well as surfing the Internet…and it also comes with a hand-free kit and a pouch for the phone. What is your name by the way, Sir?

A_M: Mike speaking.

S: OK, Mike, if you really want the camera phone, I would like to know your particulars…

A_M: (What?) Hang on. I want to know who I am talking to.

S: This is John (dunno his surname) and I am calling from [insert company name]. We are a representative of Optus…

He continues to blabber about what the company does with Optus…

John: So is there any other questions I may answer you Mike?

A_M: About the plan…

That fucker cut my sentence off.

J: Oh, for the plan you will have a credit of $230 including domestic and international calls and short messaging service for a cost of $69 a month directly from your debit card for up to 24 months.

I knew there was a cost to this “free” nonsense.

A_M: 24 months? I’m not sure if I can use for that long ‘cause I’m only an International student.

J: Oh haha (in a truly fake laughter).

Not the actual scenario.

He went on to ask about me and talking about the company…I can’t remember the whole content, but it did take a lot of time.

A_M: Would it be possible if I can change ownership of the plan to someone else once I leave Australia?

J: Yes Mike, you may be able to do as long as the plan is still in service. You may wish to even downgrade from $69 for $230 credit to $39 for $115 credit by calling us or by visiting the Optus centre.

A_M: (This better be true you son of a bitch) Ok, that is good.

It was a risk. $69 is steep, but at least I’ve my job salary to at least cover the cost. Besides, I would usually pay about $60 to $90 per month for my Optus prepaid number…and my job would require me to call people on the go. It doesn’t help the fact that calling people who are non-Optus users is bloody expensive. Sigh, I hope I can find someone to take over my number.

J: So are you still interested?

Here goes nothing.

A_M: Yea. So what do I need to do now?

J: Ok, I would need to know your particulars…

One week later.

Housemate: Hey Mike, you got a package.

A_M: Thank you.

H: What is this?

A_M: My phone.

H: (With a curious look) Aha…

End of Part 1.


ivan said...

goddamnit!!!i want that phone! lucky bastard! hahaha

Chris said...

Lets do some math.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) = payment per month X number of months in contract

TCO= 69 X 24
= AUD 1659

You will only be using for 8 months. Therefore assuming that you use above AUD69 for those 8 months, you will still have to bear AUD966 debt.

If you are lucky enough to find a sucker to take on that contract.. great! But then if the sucker was smarter he would have figured out that he could sign a new contract for as much money and get a new phone as well.

We haven't even considered the possibility that the call rates for the plan you have signed on is more expensive than your prepaid plan.

But .. you could always run away from the contract. but you should be well advised that your credit rating in australia would be a black mark.

Anyways .. dad and I think you were conned :) but at least you got a new phone.

Anonymous said...