Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Samsung SGH-X640 Camera Phone: Part 2 - The Review

Alright, after three weeks testing the X640, I can say that I am very familiar with the phone’s functions and hence I am now able to review it. I will be comparing this phone with another phone, the Samsung SGH-X430 phone.

Let’s start off with the physical attributes of the two phones:-

The X640 is just slightly bigger than the X430, with the X640’s dimensions being 87.4 X 47 X 23mm as compared to X430’s 80 X 41 X 20mm.
X640’s weight is significantly heavier than X430 as well…X460’s about 85g without the battery while X430’s about 83g WITH the battery.
Talk about lightweight.
I reckon X640 looks better than X430 though. You think so?

Anyway, it was X430’s way until…

…X640 pretty much whooped X430 when it comes to the more important sections:-

[Specifications] – (X640 / X430)

Band – (TriBand / DualBand)
LCD Resolution – (128*160 / 128*128)
LCD Colour – (65,536 / 65,536)
Ringtone – (40-chord Poly / 40 Poly)
Virtual Machine – (MIDP 2.0 / Java)
Browser – (WAP 2.0 / WAP 1.2)
Phone Memory – (1,000 / 500)
Phone Colour – (Grey / Pearl White, Metallic Silver, Champagne Gold, Violet)
Battery Capacity (Standard 800mAh / Standard 720mAh)
Battery Talk Time – (3.5 hours max / 3 hours max)
Battery Standby Time – (220 hours max / 70 hours max)

Ok, so X430 is more colourful than the dull grey X640, but when it really comes to practicality, X640 is far superior than X430...more memory, better battery life, bigger screen and colours… the stats say for itself.

Unique Functions (that differ one another):

For X640:-
The phone has a loudspeaker function with voice clarity. I love this function :) In addition to the already stated 1,000 phone book entries and WAP 2.0 with GPRS Class 10, the phone has a voice recorder (not so useful one to be honest) and a timer and stopwatch. Ultimately and more obviously the X640’s best function would be its integrated VGA (640 x 480) camera, which made comparison with X430 quite unfair to begin with. The camera would be able to do 4x digital zoom & contrast adjustment, multi-shot, night-mode, self-portrait with external mirror (mirror?? Ugh, talk about being vain) and special photos effects and photo frames.

For X430:-
Oh dear, I’m afraid this phone’s unique functions is just seven different colours for the signal beacon and a folder tone.

The biggest factor: SMS Operation
While the camera function and the speaker with voice clarity is a nice function, what I am most happy about the X640 is the ease of use when it comes to SMS.

Two things that made the difference: The stability of the phone and, more importantly, the ability to spell and save words Samsung T9 mode (dictionary mode) could not recognise!

X430 just sucked when it comes to messaging; many times when I type fast the phone would just suddenly go back to the main menu, losing all the effort I’ve made to type down a long message. Fucking frustrating and annoying I must say. Speaking about frustrations, I can’t even bloody save the word ‘Fuck’ or even anything for the matter! My debut phone, which was the Nokia 3330, had the spell/dictionary function, so I don’t see any reason why Samsung should not have the function like that on a more advanced phone like X430.

With X640, my prayers have been answered and I can now begin to like SMS-ing again. I do not know when the phone would go unstable like X430 (Choi! Touch wood!), but as long as I am able to save the word ‘Cibai’ or any non-English word and consistently use that on my SMS (“Eh, wanna tar kei?” for example) I’m happy.


Not all is excellent with the X640, at least the technical side of the phone. At the short messages section, if you created a message instead of going to your inbox, you CAN’T go back to the short messages section, but you’ll end up going back to the main menu. Also, the picture you have taken will mysteriously looked further than what was shown on the LCD screen before you’ve taken a picture, especially if you didn’t zoom. Funny. Oh yea, when you sent a message it will AUTOMATICALLY be saved to Outbox, hence wasting memory space. No option to change such settings. Lacking games by default too…it only provided me with two games (Snowballfight and BubbleSmile)

On the other hand, X430 had it worst. Besides the SMS explained earlier, it may sometimes automatically switch off, especially when I wanted to keep the phone on silent mode (by holding the # button). The alarm for the phone has its issues as well…what was supposedly a daily alarm turned out to be alarm ONCE only. Yes, I checked the settings…it’s supposed to ring everyday at a certain time…and yea, it rang on one day only! Sigh.


It’s pretty clear that the X640 is much better than the X430, though I feel that there may be other Samsung or even other phone brands that can be better than X640. As far as a “free’ phone goes though, I’m pretty much satisfied with it.

Now here’s a painful bit. I scratched the phone. I fucking scratched the phone! :( Don’t ask why…

Best Bit of X640:
Calling a friend using the loudspeaker function for help…typing down the assignment with both hands while asking my friend for some assistance with the assignment felt great!

Worst Bit of X640:
No folder tone? It lacks games by default and I don’t plan to download.

Best Bit of X430:
The ‘Cat’ tone to confuse my friend’s stray cat, “Woo” folder tone.

Worst Bit of X430:
When typing “Ok, tell me why I should meet you at this pla…” and then it returns to the main menu. Fuck. Oh, I can’t save that…not a bloody dictionary in X430!

Coming up: A belated Calendar Battle: April edition.

Nokia Malaysia (http://www.nokia.com.my/nokia/0,,50490,00.html)
Samsung Mobile Australia (
For Part 1: Optus (
http://www.optus.com.au/) & Google for ‘When A Stranger Calls’ picture.


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