Saturday, May 27, 2006

Calendar Battle: May

Hannah Tan VS Angelina Jolie

Read here for the rules.

Hannah Tan:-

Hannah Sarah Tan became famous when she represented Malaysia in the 2002 Miss Global Petite World Finals and achieved 2nd runner up in the event. Her rising popularity was more evident as she appeared alongside Hong Kong star Karen Mok in one of Lux TV commercials, as well as print ads for Pantene, Vanessa Diamonds and Versace Makeup (Asian Sex Gazette, 2005)

With her mixed Chinese-Kelabit feature and her hazel coloured eyes, she was discovered by talent scouts to sign up for Miss Malaysia Petite competition when she was just 21. Soon after the competition (and winning the title), Hannah was offered to model for magazines, TV ads and such.

Modelling though is not all she does. She is the host for Ringgit Sense (TV3), Girls’ Club and Looking Good Feeling Good as well as a guest artist in Sketches (NTV7), and she has been the MC for numerous events (read her resume here). She’s no blonde either, as she a graduate in computer science at the University of Lincolnshire, a holder of two music diplomas and a financial consultant. Oh, she’s also working on her debut solo album (apparently the music is alternative contemporary with a bit of fusion jazz) to be released sometime this year.

Whoa. Now she even plans to take up acting. Nothing seems to be stopping this 24-year-old from Penang’s dreams! Oh, she’s born on 25th October 1981, making her a Scorpio :)

She is pretty after all, but I feel that she’s not quite photogenic after looking at several of her photos. Nonetheless, she has the looks and the curves…and at 5’ 4” she is certainly a petite.

Can Hannah make herself looking better and feeling better than….

Angelina Jolie:-

Angelina Jolie is the daughter of famous actor Jon Voight, and much like her father, she is a famous actress herself. Raised mostly by her mother after her parents’ divorced while she was still a baby, she started off as a professional model. It wasn’t long before she settled in New York as a student at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and New York University, where she first started acting in theatre productions (Angelina Jolie Fanlisting, 2006).

She the moved to film acting, starting with 1993’s Cyborg 2, followed by 1995’s Hackers. She made it big though with her Golden Globe-winning performance as Cornelia Wallace in 1997’s TV movie George Wallace. The role, along with her Emmy-nominated acting in HBO’s Gia brought her to new heights in recognition. Her rapid career continues, netting roles in Playing by Heart (1998) and Pushing Tin (1999).

It was the 30-year-old’s role as Lisa Rowe, the mental patient in Girl, Interrupted (1999) that won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and cemented her reputation as a top actress.

In addition to her stunning performance in Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000), her exotic looks was a perfect match for her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (2001), based on the video game where the heroin looks very much like Jolie herself. She followed up the same role in the sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life (2003).

She continues to feature in movies like Alexander (2004), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) and most recently The Good Shepherd (2006).

She, like most Hollywood celebrities, has a complicated love life and the press that continues to write stories and rumours about her in both positive and negative.

She is born on the 4th June 1975, a Gemini and is 5’ 7”.

Love her lips, love her legs, and love her curves. :) She’s definitely one of the top Hollywood celebrities that I like.

Can Jolie take up her role as Mrs. Smith and blast her opponent away?


Let’s see who’s gone in sixty seconds:

Hannah Tan:

The photographer decides to play it safe with a standard black background, which would completely focus on Hannah herself. Nice curly hair, but why the standard clothes? With that jeans she should have wore a cowboy hat to at least have a theme to the photo. Even with her nice pose the push-up bra she is wearing underneath her top, it doesn’t do much to the average photo. The photo has good lighting, which does make Hannah look elegant, but this is pretty mediocre overall.

Photo Style: 5/10
Looks & Pose: 5/10

Angelina Jolie:

Pool/ocean background plus Angelina’s wet and looking at you like she wants you…that equals to sexiness! Depending on yourself, you’ll either look at her beautiful eyes and lips or her Lara Croft-like breasts. For me, I looked at her stunning facial looks first (serious!). A well-taken photo nonetheless.

Photo Style: 7/10
Looks & Pose: 8/10


Angelina simply outruns Hannah 15/20 to 10/20. It must be the lips of Jolie that gave her the better edge over Hannah. Then again, Hannah did not look her best in this one.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

SOSRO Teh Botol Review

I discovered this brand from Indonesia at a Malaysian restaurant in Brisbane.

The font of the drink looks suspiciously like Coca-Cola ©, but it was good enough to get my attention.

The Teh Botol tastes quite sweet. Not bad for a brand I am not even aware of until that day.

Have a look at the video.

For more information, please visit:

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Australians are so lazy...

"Australians are lazy. They are so lazy that one of my Australian friends married a girl who was pregnant".

Best joke I've heard at a Norwegian event in my uni.

[Unfortunately I couldn't blog about the Norwegian event as I did not have my camera with me :(. But Norwegians sure know how to make great waffles and jam. And their love for beer is as evident as the Aussies.]

Friday, May 12, 2006

Noosa Beach

“Wonderful!”, I silently said to myself as I looked at the Noosa Beach for the very first time. After a four hours car trip, we arrived at the beach about the evening…the perfect time to let the sunset create the beautiful scenery.

We began to scroll the beach. I realised that this beach, 23 zones up north from Brisbane City was far different from Surfers Paradise. Unlike the long and broad beach of Surfers down south, this one’s narrower, shorter to the shores and uniquely rocky. Less people too, which was a good thing.

We continued to scroll, and we saw this young man finishing his creation: his sandcastle.

Never had I seen a sandcastle this beautiful up-close.

After much praise towards the sandcastle, we continued to walk still. We saw a path of huge rocks that goes to the direction of the sea. Thoughts of Free Willy came and the idea of screaming “I’m the King of the World!” like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic tingle me and my buddies.

So we stepped on the rocks and proceed our way to the edge of the rocky path. The Malaysians went while the Australians decided to just watch from the safer spot.

It took a while. I was on my shoes, but my buddies were on slippers. Not like there was a consistent rock that’s slipper-friendly.

In the end we stopped at a few inches before the edge of the area. The edge was really wet from all the ocean waves, and it was getting dark…so we abandoned the plan to do the Titanic/Free Willy moment and went back.

Not without a few photo shoots and several poser-slash-emo photos like this one:

On our way back to the car, we saw the sandcastle again. This time he added candles.

Nice one dude!

And so we went back to our apartment, had Thai dinner, a small drinking session with numerous games of UNO and Bullshit (with UNO cards!) and lots of talk-cock moment.

4.30 A. M.

Had only a mere 2-3 hours of sleep. All of us could pass for an audition for the role of a zombie. No matter, cause we (or rather, I) want to watch the sunrise. From the beach mind you. Not from my room back in the city.

We reached the beach. It was cold, but somehow I didn’t felt as cold as the rest. Odd…did my cold receptors are slowly fading?

The sky was so clear…and so many stars. It was fabulous. Even more when we saw a slow shooting star :) . Knowing the myth of wishing upon a shooting star, I prayed and wished. One prayer was to be able to see the most beautiful sunrise right now.

5. A.M onwards.

Damn it, the sun was behind the hill!

Oh well, disappointment aside, we head home and sleep till 11 A.M. After a proper sleep, we headed to the beach again. Wanted to ride camels but due to the lack of time we decided to just hit the ocean and have fun.

It was all joy. And the sea wasn’t as cold as I thought.

I would like to thank Bec for providing the transport, the accommodation and the humour she came up with. Without her, this trip would never be possible.

Eevie, for her role as the main joker.

And of course, Joshua and Eva, for being there with me.

Good memories indeed.

By the way, HAPPY WESAK DAY! May you readers be well and happy always :)

Free Willy poster taken from: Orm's Movie Posters Page (

Friday, May 05, 2006

Classic: A tour on My Place Apartments

A silly name for an apartment, but that’s the name of the hostel I used to stay when I was on my first year at Taylor’s College.

My Place Apartments is located at SS15, Subang Jaya. Only two minutes away from Taylor’s College main campus and INTI Subang, the place is filled with students from all over Asia. The environment though is fucking horrible; the swimming pool was slimy GREEN and filled with bugs.

The size of the house is ideally for four people; I had to live with six other boys. That is proof that Taylor’s Accommodation is milking money out of students.

I’ll go straight to the point; that place is a fucking dumpster. The area surrounding the apartment is so damn dirty; it is a haven of rats and cockroaches! Wait, did I just mentioned cockroaches? FUCK YEA! Truly the Devil’s creation….

But I wouldn’t write about the bugs from Hell. Not yet.

First, let me show you a tour of my former home – 175Q. Each sections of the house have at least a story.

The Main Door:

See the CD on top of the door? That’s a Ragnarok Online CD. One of the boys decided to put it up because game version inside the CD was out of date. And to spoof a religion that put marked, golden paper on the wall to shoo away bad spirits. Notice the small, black patch on the bottom right. That’s where a stray dog sleeps every night on my last few months living in the house. One of my housemates was foolish enough to feed the dog. Don’t take me wrong; I like dogs and I do feed them out of care…but not so CONSISTENT to the point the dog decided to take us as its master! Loyal dog, but ugh, to follow me or my housemates everyway we go…if only the stray dog can obey commands…

It had no name, but I will name it ‘Annoying’. Maybe ‘Smelly’ too.

The Living Room:

Supposedly the study tables are for us to study, but honestly, except the last table on the right it became a storage table for us. The main table was my study table instead (only during exam period!). The TV came from one of my housemates, Lee and it is always on from 6pm onwards for Chinese & Korean soap dramas, WWE and Senario. Oh, once there was a Playstation 2 console on the table as well; but housemate and fellow PS2 owner Romeo had enough of our abuse on the machine so he decided to lock it up in his cupboard.

Have a look at the first table on the right…see the box for plastic bottles? My housemate Kenny stocks up plastic bottles of water every semester. Apparently he hates boiled water and filtered tap-water.

The floor of the balcony was always filled with live or dead cockroaches. I hate the idea of washing clothes manually with that bug around. There’s once a female cat decided to live at the balcony for a while, raising seven kittens during the first few months I was there. Eventually they moved out, but that pussy cat came back for a second family raising…erm, what a whore?

The Dining Room:

Dining room la, but we never eat around here at all (food goes to the living room…do you know food taste nicer when you eat while watching TV? :P). Once, that table was purely for my Indonesian housemate Emil to do his stuff…until he left for Canada. From there on, it also became a storage table (everything on the table was mine :D). My room is the one with the ‘Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne’ poster.

The Kitchen:

Ah, the kitchen. It’s the area where Maggie Mee and nuggets were the key words. The fridge was meant for four people, and yet there were seven of us. Actually, it’s not the seven of us in the house that made personal cold storage strictly limited; it was that Kenny that took up 50% of the space! Bloody Hell….there was some food in the fridge that was expired like months ago! Also the area where I first discovered a cockroach back in January 2003 too. I once did not clean my plates for weeks at the basin…Kenny thought I was planning to raise a goldfish with the bowl soaked with leftover chicken soup. The laundry room is at the back, but we don’t have a washing machine so that’s the least stepped location I went to. The newspapers were placed on the windows to protect privacy.

The toilet:

Ugh…as you can see, the toilet is crap. Always dirty, especially the day before cleaners come and clean. There was once a centipede that lived at the small drainage hole. About 10cm long I remember…damn hard to kill.

Oh, how can I forget the time when the boys and I disturbed Kenny when he was taking a shower! Once he sang…no, hum out a song loud enough that we can record it on tape, and then we would just switch the light off, smack the door loud and say ‘Eh, lei tar fei kei ah!?’ (“Hey, you masturbating is it!?”)

He was so pissed off he didn’t speak a word with us for a while.


My Room:

This room is really, really small. It’s like a cubicle I tell you! I’m supposed to share the room with my roommate, but with only the bunker bed and two cupboards the room was tight for even a small dude like me! It didn’t help that I had so much stuff with me…I took up 80% of the space (sorry roomie!).

The bed’s hard. Be glad that you guys are having a softer bed during 2003. The lower bunker bed was pretty tight for even my height too. Ventilation of the room was terrible; that tiny window didn’t do wonders to the stuffy and dusty room. Lucky there’s the air-conditioning.

This was where I spend the most time at. Once I had to place the laptop on my bed, making my back feeling the pain over the few weeks. Kenny came out with the solution by buying a small table as shown on the photo. I gladly took his advice. Oh by the way, Kenny, Romeo and I had our own Internet connections…so at times I would just message them on MSN for dinner; even though their room is like next to mine! Talk about laziness…

The book “More Making Out in Japanese” is hilarious :)

Of all the housemates in that house, I am the only one that has a different roommate for almost every semester! The first was Roger, a weird Ipoh fella desperate for a girlfriend; then there’s Lee, a car fanatic from JB; Jin, my only Mongolian friend who works out at a gym, speaks almost zero English and is a fucking player; lastly a boy from Myanmar who I regretfully do not remember his name but I remember his scary ‘half-eye-open’ sleeping pattern.

Alright, that’s the end of the tour. There’s a lot more stories I can remember about this house, but I don’t want to think back some more for now. I had a lot of good times and bad times in the house. I miss the times all of us would go ‘takei’ (play game) at the Cybercafés nearby our house…mainly about Counter-Strike, shooting and swearing at each other all the time. And while I’m no longer part of the “175Q Gang”, I certainly glad that I was with good, and quite nerdy housemates instead of the gangster-type housemates I heard from other friends.

175Q Gang - Masters of the House!
(from left: Ah_Mike, Charles, Kenny, Roger, Lee(back), Romeo, Rudy)

That’s all.

Wait, forgot to tell you about the cockroaches.

On my first month staying at My Place Apartments, I had counted how many cockroaches that came to my house. Guess how many are there within a month?

The answer will come…on the special entry about Cockroaches (coming soon). The first person who guesses it right gets something from me :)

Till next time…avoid My Place Apartments! The place may be convient, but it sure is CRAP.

Next entry: Noosa trip.

Only Google to thank for the bug images.