Friday, May 12, 2006

Noosa Beach

“Wonderful!”, I silently said to myself as I looked at the Noosa Beach for the very first time. After a four hours car trip, we arrived at the beach about the evening…the perfect time to let the sunset create the beautiful scenery.

We began to scroll the beach. I realised that this beach, 23 zones up north from Brisbane City was far different from Surfers Paradise. Unlike the long and broad beach of Surfers down south, this one’s narrower, shorter to the shores and uniquely rocky. Less people too, which was a good thing.

We continued to scroll, and we saw this young man finishing his creation: his sandcastle.

Never had I seen a sandcastle this beautiful up-close.

After much praise towards the sandcastle, we continued to walk still. We saw a path of huge rocks that goes to the direction of the sea. Thoughts of Free Willy came and the idea of screaming “I’m the King of the World!” like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic tingle me and my buddies.

So we stepped on the rocks and proceed our way to the edge of the rocky path. The Malaysians went while the Australians decided to just watch from the safer spot.

It took a while. I was on my shoes, but my buddies were on slippers. Not like there was a consistent rock that’s slipper-friendly.

In the end we stopped at a few inches before the edge of the area. The edge was really wet from all the ocean waves, and it was getting dark…so we abandoned the plan to do the Titanic/Free Willy moment and went back.

Not without a few photo shoots and several poser-slash-emo photos like this one:

On our way back to the car, we saw the sandcastle again. This time he added candles.

Nice one dude!

And so we went back to our apartment, had Thai dinner, a small drinking session with numerous games of UNO and Bullshit (with UNO cards!) and lots of talk-cock moment.

4.30 A. M.

Had only a mere 2-3 hours of sleep. All of us could pass for an audition for the role of a zombie. No matter, cause we (or rather, I) want to watch the sunrise. From the beach mind you. Not from my room back in the city.

We reached the beach. It was cold, but somehow I didn’t felt as cold as the rest. Odd…did my cold receptors are slowly fading?

The sky was so clear…and so many stars. It was fabulous. Even more when we saw a slow shooting star :) . Knowing the myth of wishing upon a shooting star, I prayed and wished. One prayer was to be able to see the most beautiful sunrise right now.

5. A.M onwards.

Damn it, the sun was behind the hill!

Oh well, disappointment aside, we head home and sleep till 11 A.M. After a proper sleep, we headed to the beach again. Wanted to ride camels but due to the lack of time we decided to just hit the ocean and have fun.

It was all joy. And the sea wasn’t as cold as I thought.

I would like to thank Bec for providing the transport, the accommodation and the humour she came up with. Without her, this trip would never be possible.

Eevie, for her role as the main joker.

And of course, Joshua and Eva, for being there with me.

Good memories indeed.

By the way, HAPPY WESAK DAY! May you readers be well and happy always :)

Free Willy poster taken from: Orm's Movie Posters Page (


robin said...

arrrrghhhh... one day... after i work.. i am gonna have enough cash.. and u are gonna bring me there !!!

Ah_Mike said...

Ahaha...sure...that's if I have a car to bring you there in the first place >.<

Ivan said...

Happy wesak day to u too!

Anonymous said...

Great article....And u are more than welcome mate!!!!Hope to see u again real soon!