Friday, June 30, 2006

Guess the cereal

Cibai...damn tulan with my video converter can't seem to be able to convert the .mov videos for my next entry. Aih, small things like these ticks me off man.

Anyway, for the time being, predict this cereal:

1) It's round with sanitary pads.
2) Rice
3) It transforms!
4) It has the perfect time to sell.

Till then, keep guessing.

I will be in Perth for some NLC annual conference and to meet up with Robin and friends. Wouldn't be updating till 9 July at least.

The good thing about the trip: I didn't need to pay for my flight. My uni's student guild did :) Ah...good to be associated with them!

The bad thing is...the conference is a snore-fest. I went for NLC's smaller conference here two months ago and it was fucking boring I tell you. Worst than lecture. 9am till 11pm for 6 days straight...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Calendar Battle: June

Paris Hilton VS Yukie Kawamura

Read rules here.

Some changes made: Instead of the long and often boring history of the girls, I would let the videos do the talking. A bit of picture and small description for those running on 56k. Besides, I’m getting lazy and moody lately.

*The videos contain sexual references and may be offensive to some viewers. Please view with caution. Ok, so the target audience is primarily male…*

Paris Hilton:-

I’ll smack you hard if you don’t know who’s this porn star.

Daughter of that five-star hotel maestro, of “The Simple Life” fame, and a complete Hollywood bitch (and a useless actress)…you dunno meh???

See for yourself if she hiaw you or not.


K, you hiaw enough liao.

She got the legs and the figure, but you can land an aeroplane on her chest. She has the height of 173 and measurements of 34B-25-35. She’s born on February 17, 1981, making her 26.

Would her amateur sex performance defeat….

Yukie Kawamura:-

Don’t know much about her…seems be an AV star though…not shy to show her neng neng top in Bikini Idol should mean she’s a porn star lo I guess. Her height’s 158cm with measurements of 90cm-60cm-87cm. Born on 23 January 1986, making her just 20.

See for yourself and hiaw.

And hiaw some more.

Ok. Enough hiaw. The focus is still the photo remember?

So Yukie or Paris?

Paris Hilton:

SOOOOOO PINNNNKKKKKKKK!!!! My eyes pain leh!!!!!!!
How the fuck FHM select their pictures la? I know pink is slowly becoming a thread among men, but massive pink on a man’s calendar? Nabeh….

So she showed the thighs…good. But look at her feet. Oh dear, blood veins. Not nice. Funny how she hasn’t got plastic boobs yet. Wait, maybe it is plastic A cuppers. At least she smiled…but I don’t like her at all.

Photo Style: 3/10 (10/10 for pink lovers)

Looks and Pose: 6/10

Yukie Kawamura:

Decent background picture, similar location to her Japanese counterpart Kasumi Nakane. Nothing to comment on this.

Her pose, especially her smile can be a little bit better….but my gosh, she deserves to be a Bikini Idol! Though she could do away with the fisherman’s net she’s wearing.

Photo Style: 5/10

Looks & Pose: 7/10


Paris should learn to idolize Yukie instead. Yukie 12, “The Star” 9.

Maybe Paris should learn from this dude instead.

Anyway, winner gets the attention…and you get to hiaw more!

Eight minutes for your pleasure. Thank me for it.

Too nice for you? I’ve been unfair? Think Paris deserves better? Ok, this is what I think about her:

I wish it was her getting the stick for real. She deserves it.

Kidzworld ( (WTF, she’s the kids’ idol?)
Office Ariel (
Youtube (
Google as usual.

Hiaw: Get horny
Neng neng: Breasts
Nabeh: WTF...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tagged: Me & my 4’s.

Aih, just when I got my Internet back and I could update on one of my long-delayed entries, Ivan had to tag me with another meme. Why must be four things anyway? Want me to sei (Chinese for four, which also means die) is it!?

Anyway, on to the meme…let me get this tag done and over with.

4 jobs I would stink at:

1) Surgeon – I might cut people like how I would cut T-bone steaks.
2) Engineer – The dog house I built would crush the dog the next day. So do you trust me in building the next Twin Tower?
3) Accountant – To me, 1+1=11. So yea, you can trust me with your money and investments :)
4) Singer – I sing worst than William Hung.

4 nicknames I’m making up for myself:

1) Clouded Pawn – The nick especially for my blog :)
2) Sumara_NP – Long time nickname for computer games. Based on a swear word in Japanese (NP is the initial in English)
3) [TuNeR_X] – First self-made nickname (from 1997-1999). Mainly for mIRC and ICQ.
4) Red Wine of Death – Used only once. More on this later in September. (Only Joshua knows the story)

4 movies I can watch over and over:

1) The Matrix!

2) Ju-On (it’s really funny!)

3) All of Stephen Chow’s movies (especially Shaolin Soccer!)

4) Anything to do with Akira Watase.

4 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time: (good question: D)

1) Smirnoff Ice Black (compulsory drink, everytime)

2) Tequila Sunrise

3) Vodka – Red Bull mix

4) Wolf Blass Red Label Cabernet Merlot

4 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out:

1) Hawaii – I love beaches, and this has to be the place for the best beach.

2) Japan – Love the culture, love the wasabe, love the women, love the AV production….

3) Manchester – Against Chelsea at Old Trafford. What else.

4) Outer Space – If I can afford $20 million USD la….

4 things I love to do on weekends:

1) Over-sleeping! (Providing that it is not during the holidays)
2) Going to the beaches with friends
3) Hangout with friends to lepak
4) Have a good time dating with a really pretty girl :)

4 celebrities I would like to go on a big date with:

1) Cecilia Cheung

2) Cecilia Cheung

3) Cecilia Cheung

4) Cecilia Cheung!

4 objects I could not live without:

1) Broadband Internet access
2) My laptop
3) My mobile phone
4) Money money money!

4 gadgets I do not have, which I would like to have: (subject to change in the near future)

1) JVC Everio Video Camera

2) Sony Playstation 3

3) A home theatre system
4) Donald Trump’s credit card and other access to his bank account.

4 “poor souls” tagged:

1) Sherlene – for not being available to lepak until 8 July!
2) Huey Teng – you’re fun to tag to :)
3) Samantha – I’ve not tag you yet!
4) Aldrin – For tagging me before.

Images and videos taken from Yahoo! Images, Google Images and Youtube (

Friday, June 23, 2006

The meeting with: Alynna

I got to know this blogger named Alynna ever since she commented in this entry.

Curious, I decided to visit her blog…and after discovering that she’s also in Brisbane and more important, someone from Malaysia I decided to contact her to meet up for coffee.

Ok, Thursday 2pm at Coffee Club. Set!


7.40P.M.: With my last exam done for the semester, I had a great dinner with my friends Dennis, Catherine and Joshua who’s about to got back to Subang for good. After dinner we tar ke at Replay’s Arcade and a cybercafé in the city till 2A.M. Walked home to Joshua’s place, had 1 hour sleep and then send him to the airport to see him off.


Got back home from the airport. Room’s fucking cold.

Turned on heater. Nice.

Felt the quilt on my bed. Nice.

Felt the pillows. Nice.

Hey, a couple of hours of sleep wouldn’t hurt hey?

Missing my work in the process….


I felt my phone vibrating near my genitals. Damn, that felt good for a second….

Read the message.

Screamed “Oh Shit!” as many as five times in a space of 30 seconds.

“Oh no…I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!”.

And so, I called Alynna (also known as “Sappy” from now on) and told her what happened.

I thought to myself: “That’s it la…my first impressions crushed just like that….don’t think she’ll want to meet up anymore!”

Wow. I’m amazed with her patience.

No matter, I’ve to make amends. This time we’ll meet up at Hungry Jack’s at 5p.m.

And this time, I’m on schedule!
I messaged her that I’m in a black cap and black jumper.

Didn’t take too long because I recognise her looks.


Alamak, she walked past me -_-.

So I had to walk up to her and introduced myself.

Then I noticed her Aussie accent in her English.

Ah, Sappy’s an ABC?

Ah, don’t care la!

From then on we went to Starfucks Starbucks. I gotta say the meet-up went kinda smooth for my expectations.

Although I wasn’t expecting her to bum into her friend Joanne and got her to join us.

For a while, the get-to-know-you session became girl-talk.

“Eh, I did shopping leh...”
“Eh, me too!”
*both screamed in joy*

And here I am sipping on my almond tea, tempted to SMS my friend to help me out.

Thankfully the girl-talk didn’t last forever.

Anyway, the three of us had a good talk…from Sappy’s OZish-English (she took high school here…hence her accent, mate) to the crappiness of Aussie media to Joanne’s Malaccan background…etc etc. After coffee we then had dinner at a Chinese restaurant nearby….

"I tell you...Brazil got 3 fat players. Ronaldo, Ronaldo & Ronaldo."

…only to go back to Starbucks cause Ms. Joanne couldn’t stop her addiction for Starbuck’s version of café latte. Actually, she just can’t stop being in Starbucks and drinking anything with a Starbucks tag. She brought her Hongkie ABC boyfriend too for the 2nd coffee session too…thankfully the bf’s a nice guy to talk to….not like some ABC’s I’ve met here.

"Starbucks...please...pleaseeeee....(Bambi eyes)"

And that’s how yesterday went. I’m certain I’ll be meeting up with Sappy and Joanne sometime soon, especially when Sappy returns from KL (requesting to tapau packets of Maggie Mee Curry and Adabi spices thank you Sappy! :) ) and should have driven Mr.Ivan up the wall.

Now now, not saying that Sappy’s a psycho…but a blog addict! =P

Tarke: Play game
ABC: Australia Borned Chinese
Alamak: What the...
Tapau: take-away
Eh, la, Ah: Slang to dramatise sentence.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Coca-Cola Bottle World Cup Edition

As the official partner of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola came out with the limited edition of their plastic bottle during the course of the World Cup period.

Apparently it was inspired by the golden Cup itself, but honestly all they did was to spray-paint the bottle in dull-looking gold. WTF was my initial reaction. Nonetheless, voila! That should help improve sales....

Then again, with the golden-bottle, I can imagine stuff like this...


'Cafu' picture taken from:

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Some people are just so....

I was going through the classifieds at QUT Student Guild website ( when I saw this particular ad description:-

Apple Ipod Nano 1GB for sale!
Cost: $199
Description: White colour Apple Ipod Nano with 1GB capacity. An unwanted birthday gift…

Whoa, stop right there.

“Unwanted birthday gift”? I think I have a problem with that statement.

How the fuck can this person be so fucking ungrateful!?

Birthday gifts, regardless of whether it’s a shirt or a CD or a condom, are still a gift from someone that recognises your special day. Even if you already have the same stuff the person gave you (in this case, salesperson has the same or a better Ipod) don’t go and sell it and use the money to buy something you want la! You can give it away to someone who really needs it or make use of the gift but certainly selling a birthday gift and taking the money for your own is simply an insult to that person who gave you the gift.

And even if this person who gave “the unwanted gift” happens to be the most hated person you ever met, unless that person gave you literally shit on your birthday I don’t see how an Apple Ipod Nano is the meanest present that bastard/bitch would give you!

Geez, I feel like taking that Ipod Nano, turn it sideways, and stick it up to that salesperson’s candy ass! © WWE’s The Rock.

Anyway, my point is that one should cherish his or her own birthday gifts, regardless of whether you want the gift or not. Only if you’re a mean-ass, and you’re willing to end any communication with the person who gave you the present, or maybe you really do need the money to pay off your gambling debts, then go ahead and sell it. Not like anyone would buy a second-hand Ipod Nano 1GB that cost just about $20 cheaper than the retail price.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

BN in Australia!?

Hey, I've seen that logo somewhere over here...

OH MY GOD! Could it possibly be true?? That our Malaysian political party are advertising themselves right here in Brisbane, Australia???

I have evidence! And I should show it!




I don't want the ISA to come find me...

But it's too good to be true...

I must show it...



Here goes nothing...

See what I mean??

Ok, maybe I had too much to drink....

P.S.: By no means that I intend to offend any BN authority regarding this at all. My apologies if you do feel offended in any way possible, but you should lighten up anyway.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The perfect lover?

ALAMAK! Just when I thought I survived being tagged by Robin and Ivan, this Aldrin had to pick on me -_-.

So I had to type about my ideal darling. With this bunch of rules:

  • The tagged victim has to come up with eight different points about his/her lover.
  • Has to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover. (wtf...)
  • Tag eight other victims to join this game (game??) and leave a comment on their blog.
  • If you got tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
  • Lastly, and more importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Eight statments' alot to ask, but I’ll play along.

First off, if I ever, EVER said that my perfect lover not a female gender, then I would commit the ‘Sui Caedere’ (to kill oneself in Latin).

(In order of: least important to the most important)

1. She can get along with my friends well.
If she can’t hang out with my buddies, then the way I see it the relationship will fail. Should she have a problem with one of my friends, she should let me know and not actually be a negative, anti-social chick when my mates would hang out and watch the World Cup or Manchester United beating the crap out of Arse-anal (insert team). Ideally, her group of friends would get together with my group of friends and hence both of us would be happy.

2. She shares the same interests with me.
A perfect lover would mean being able to watch football with me, cook with me, sleep with me, and even play video games with me. I would do my best to appreciate her interests as well…ok, so maybe not Pop music, ladies-version of shopping and make-up. Opposite attracts, no?

3. She loves to talk interesting topics, and yet she knows when to listen.
Sorry, I don’t fancy girls who continuously talk about how Wastelife Westlife and Gay Cow Jay Chow have “changed” her life and how she would them to be their “Husband”. The same goes to girls who couldn’t be bothered to listen to me. I can put up with a girl’s bitching, but if she can’t even care to listen to what I say, then it’s a lost-cause eh?

4. She’s the definition of the “Girl Next Door”.
The “girl next door”, as defined by Google is “the stereotype of the girl next door is often invoked in American contexts to indicate wholesome, unassuming, or ‘average’ femininity, as contrasted with stereotypes such as tomboy and slut”. So yea, I want that in her…and be really just at the ‘next door’ and not ‘next town’ if you know what I mean….

5. She’s beautiful to me.
I don’t care if she or my mates think that she look like a zombie or a coconut or a lanciao, as long as I feel that she’s pretty, I like. Prefect case of “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”: Cecilia Cheung.

6. She’s humorous.
Whether it’s physical humour or intellectual humour, as long as she makes me giggle and laugh and/or make me roll over the floor in laughter and get stomach cramps in the process…that’s good in my books.

7. She’s loyal to me.
While the media today shamefully convinced most females to believe that all males are nothing but a bunch of perverted playboys, in my reality there’s a fair amount of women who does exactly what the “stereotype men” would: cheating. I cannot tolerate girls who despite having a relationship, decides to have fun by seriously flirting with other guys in a club and contradicting what they always want in a man: loyalty. So my point: be loyal and no flirting. I know I would be loyal to her. I certainly learnt it the hard way (thank you, karma).

And ultimately, the one point that sums up the seven other points….

8. She understands me.
She knows how I operate, how I act and react, how I see my life…she knows me like the back of her hand. Heck, she even knows my secrets. If she understands how I work, surely she has fulfilled my criteria of the “perfect lover”.

Alright, that’s eight. Now…the eight targets I would like to tag is…

*Drums roll*

Huey Teng


& Jason (finally, a man!)

That’s all.


Google...I can't live without ya!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The problem with living with share mates

I was supposed to be able to update my blog a few days back. Then I realised that my Internet connection was too fucking slow to go anyway online, including Furious with the 56K-like speed broadband, I asked my share mates about it.

Apparently one share mate of mine decided to be blonde and called the provider to change the Internet broadband service. Sure, the share mate of mine happened to be the owner of the broadband, but what the hell did she have to DOWNGRADE the service for!? The fact that the rest of the share mates (myself included) was not told about the changes fumed me.

I had to question her reason for doing so. To put it in simple terms, it was a complex answer.

You see, the phone and the Internet were provided by two different companies. Somehow, she got an offer from the company that provided the Internet which contracts her to use it for 12 months. The company highly encouraged her to use their phone services to go with the Internet, but for some reason, she took the phone from another company while taking this Internet provider.

11 months past the incident and she needed to renew the contract for us. She’s about to leave the house in three weeks, and nobody in the house is staying for a year plus. So she thought the landlady would be the appropriate person to take over the contract. She got her agreement and called the Internet provider. Now the Internet provider said that the landlady has to be on the phone in order to change account ownership. It was all fine until the Internet provider asked if she’s using the phone and the Internet together from the company.

She went too honest and said she’s not using the phone from the Internet provider.

Now, according to her, the provider had no choice but to ask her to either upgrade the current service or downgrade the current service. So without the share mates’ agreement, she thought downgrading it (1GB limit) would benefit us more since it is cheaper by $20.

Obviously it didn’t took long but we hit the limit and running on 56k.

Just yesterday morning I decided to talk to her and let her know that I would temporary take over the account. I called the provider, upgrade the service and a few hours later I got my Internet speed back.

Sigh, living with people who you just know in the house rather than long-time friends is hard sometimes.

Yea yea, people say living with share mates you don’t know can give you experience working with other people, learn new tricks like a new swear word in German, and basically be friends with people outside your comfort zone. To me, that’s fine and I have been living with other people for like three years already. My problem is that I don’t often enjoy living with other people.

With the exception of living with long-time friends, I would have to face the following issues:

1) The kitchen is usually occupied whenever I need to cook.
2) The kitchen utensils is always in used and not washed whenever I need to use the utensils.
3) At times, there’ll be a huge amount of dirty plates that’s in the sink for DAYS.
4) The fridge is like a jigsaw puzzle. You just can’t find your food in the fridge sometimes. Your share mates may often mistaken your food for theirs.
5) Like the kitchen, the laundry room’s usually occupied whenever I need to wash my clothes.
6) At times, the toilet is in use when you REALLY NEED IT.
7) Once, the toilet door was locked but no one was actually inside. All of us had to use the other toilet for one day, without our toiletries. You should smell my breath that night.
8) Fighting for TV is common, especially when the female share mates are keen on “Home and Away”.

So maybe I overreacted to the following issues, but when “little things” like these happen one too often it does get on your nerves you know. And yea, you would say “why not just talk to them about the problem and be more authoritative” but that’s not the point I’m blogging about it. I need to spill out what I feel inside, not to get advice.

I wish I could live in a house/apartment/mansion alone for several months and see if I love the privacy and freedom of doing things or I would keep my mouth shut and live with people again.

Anyway, proper (rational) updates will return soon.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Steve's Irish Coffee

Several weeks ago, my Irish housemate Steve decided to make some Irish Coffee for the house.

It’s the first time I tasted this drink and I must say it’s quite splendid in the initial sip.

The coolness of the cream blends perfectly with the warmness of the coffee and whiskey. The chocolate topping gives it an extra-nice to it as well.

Although in Steve’s version, he added too much whiskey which overrides the coffee taste in the long run. Too much whiskey in a wine glass resulted myself feeling like I need to puke after half a glass of it.

But I’m not saying that it’s bad. It is really nice to the taste buds, but I doubt I could have Steve’s 4-shots of whiskey version for even occasionally…

Now, here’s how to make an Irish Coffee:

1 Measure (3 cl) of Irish whiskey
1 teaspoon of raw sugar
1 heaped dessertspoon of whipped cream
Hot strong coffee to fill the glass

1) Pre-warm a stemmed glass (i.e. fill glass with very hot water, then empty).
2) Pour hot coffee into hot glass until it is about three-quarters full.
3) Add the sugar and stir in the coffee.
4) Add the whiskey.
5) Float the whipped cream on top.
6) Drink the hot coffee through the cream (i.e. do not stir after adding the cream)

P.S: I will re-publish this entry once I can get Steve’s recipe and comments for his Irish Coffee. That should appreciate you whiskey-lovers.

His recipe has the chocolate powder on top of the cream by the way. Nice touch.

The testers: German rocker Thomas , his girlfriend, "Condom Head" Ah_Mike,
German sweetheart Britta, Steve the Irish joker.

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