Thursday, June 29, 2006

Calendar Battle: June

Paris Hilton VS Yukie Kawamura

Read rules here.

Some changes made: Instead of the long and often boring history of the girls, I would let the videos do the talking. A bit of picture and small description for those running on 56k. Besides, I’m getting lazy and moody lately.

*The videos contain sexual references and may be offensive to some viewers. Please view with caution. Ok, so the target audience is primarily male…*

Paris Hilton:-

I’ll smack you hard if you don’t know who’s this porn star.

Daughter of that five-star hotel maestro, of “The Simple Life” fame, and a complete Hollywood bitch (and a useless actress)…you dunno meh???

See for yourself if she hiaw you or not.


K, you hiaw enough liao.

She got the legs and the figure, but you can land an aeroplane on her chest. She has the height of 173 and measurements of 34B-25-35. She’s born on February 17, 1981, making her 26.

Would her amateur sex performance defeat….

Yukie Kawamura:-

Don’t know much about her…seems be an AV star though…not shy to show her neng neng top in Bikini Idol should mean she’s a porn star lo I guess. Her height’s 158cm with measurements of 90cm-60cm-87cm. Born on 23 January 1986, making her just 20.

See for yourself and hiaw.

And hiaw some more.

Ok. Enough hiaw. The focus is still the photo remember?

So Yukie or Paris?

Paris Hilton:

SOOOOOO PINNNNKKKKKKKK!!!! My eyes pain leh!!!!!!!
How the fuck FHM select their pictures la? I know pink is slowly becoming a thread among men, but massive pink on a man’s calendar? Nabeh….

So she showed the thighs…good. But look at her feet. Oh dear, blood veins. Not nice. Funny how she hasn’t got plastic boobs yet. Wait, maybe it is plastic A cuppers. At least she smiled…but I don’t like her at all.

Photo Style: 3/10 (10/10 for pink lovers)

Looks and Pose: 6/10

Yukie Kawamura:

Decent background picture, similar location to her Japanese counterpart Kasumi Nakane. Nothing to comment on this.

Her pose, especially her smile can be a little bit better….but my gosh, she deserves to be a Bikini Idol! Though she could do away with the fisherman’s net she’s wearing.

Photo Style: 5/10

Looks & Pose: 7/10


Paris should learn to idolize Yukie instead. Yukie 12, “The Star” 9.

Maybe Paris should learn from this dude instead.

Anyway, winner gets the attention…and you get to hiaw more!

Eight minutes for your pleasure. Thank me for it.

Too nice for you? I’ve been unfair? Think Paris deserves better? Ok, this is what I think about her:

I wish it was her getting the stick for real. She deserves it.

Kidzworld ( (WTF, she’s the kids’ idol?)
Office Ariel (
Youtube (
Google as usual.

Hiaw: Get horny
Neng neng: Breasts
Nabeh: WTF...


saykhia said...

Paris Hilton is too cheap. And it's no comparison between her and the busty Yukie.

Sam said... pix aint dat bad...but her rep makes me see her in...different ways. Yukie punya baju isnt wad u'd normally c on Kuching streets...but heck...she stil gets my vote.

Ah_Mike said...

Hahaha...Yukie's baju not meant for Malaysia at all...

Anonymous said...

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