Friday, June 23, 2006

The meeting with: Alynna

I got to know this blogger named Alynna ever since she commented in this entry.

Curious, I decided to visit her blog…and after discovering that she’s also in Brisbane and more important, someone from Malaysia I decided to contact her to meet up for coffee.

Ok, Thursday 2pm at Coffee Club. Set!


7.40P.M.: With my last exam done for the semester, I had a great dinner with my friends Dennis, Catherine and Joshua who’s about to got back to Subang for good. After dinner we tar ke at Replay’s Arcade and a cybercafé in the city till 2A.M. Walked home to Joshua’s place, had 1 hour sleep and then send him to the airport to see him off.


Got back home from the airport. Room’s fucking cold.

Turned on heater. Nice.

Felt the quilt on my bed. Nice.

Felt the pillows. Nice.

Hey, a couple of hours of sleep wouldn’t hurt hey?

Missing my work in the process….


I felt my phone vibrating near my genitals. Damn, that felt good for a second….

Read the message.

Screamed “Oh Shit!” as many as five times in a space of 30 seconds.

“Oh no…I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!”.

And so, I called Alynna (also known as “Sappy” from now on) and told her what happened.

I thought to myself: “That’s it la…my first impressions crushed just like that….don’t think she’ll want to meet up anymore!”

Wow. I’m amazed with her patience.

No matter, I’ve to make amends. This time we’ll meet up at Hungry Jack’s at 5p.m.

And this time, I’m on schedule!
I messaged her that I’m in a black cap and black jumper.

Didn’t take too long because I recognise her looks.


Alamak, she walked past me -_-.

So I had to walk up to her and introduced myself.

Then I noticed her Aussie accent in her English.

Ah, Sappy’s an ABC?

Ah, don’t care la!

From then on we went to Starfucks Starbucks. I gotta say the meet-up went kinda smooth for my expectations.

Although I wasn’t expecting her to bum into her friend Joanne and got her to join us.

For a while, the get-to-know-you session became girl-talk.

“Eh, I did shopping leh...”
“Eh, me too!”
*both screamed in joy*

And here I am sipping on my almond tea, tempted to SMS my friend to help me out.

Thankfully the girl-talk didn’t last forever.

Anyway, the three of us had a good talk…from Sappy’s OZish-English (she took high school here…hence her accent, mate) to the crappiness of Aussie media to Joanne’s Malaccan background…etc etc. After coffee we then had dinner at a Chinese restaurant nearby….

"I tell you...Brazil got 3 fat players. Ronaldo, Ronaldo & Ronaldo."

…only to go back to Starbucks cause Ms. Joanne couldn’t stop her addiction for Starbuck’s version of café latte. Actually, she just can’t stop being in Starbucks and drinking anything with a Starbucks tag. She brought her Hongkie ABC boyfriend too for the 2nd coffee session too…thankfully the bf’s a nice guy to talk to….not like some ABC’s I’ve met here.

"Starbucks...please...pleaseeeee....(Bambi eyes)"

And that’s how yesterday went. I’m certain I’ll be meeting up with Sappy and Joanne sometime soon, especially when Sappy returns from KL (requesting to tapau packets of Maggie Mee Curry and Adabi spices thank you Sappy! :) ) and should have driven Mr.Ivan up the wall.

Now now, not saying that Sappy’s a psycho…but a blog addict! =P

Tarke: Play game
ABC: Australia Borned Chinese
Alamak: What the...
Tapau: take-away
Eh, la, Ah: Slang to dramatise sentence.