Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The perfect lover?

ALAMAK! Just when I thought I survived being tagged by Robin and Ivan, this Aldrin had to pick on me -_-.

So I had to type about my ideal darling. With this bunch of rules:

  • The tagged victim has to come up with eight different points about his/her lover.
  • Has to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover. (wtf...)
  • Tag eight other victims to join this game (game??) and leave a comment on their blog.
  • If you got tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
  • Lastly, and more importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Eight statments' alot to ask, but I’ll play along.

First off, if I ever, EVER said that my perfect lover not a female gender, then I would commit the ‘Sui Caedere’ (to kill oneself in Latin).

(In order of: least important to the most important)

1. She can get along with my friends well.
If she can’t hang out with my buddies, then the way I see it the relationship will fail. Should she have a problem with one of my friends, she should let me know and not actually be a negative, anti-social chick when my mates would hang out and watch the World Cup or Manchester United beating the crap out of Arse-anal (insert team). Ideally, her group of friends would get together with my group of friends and hence both of us would be happy.

2. She shares the same interests with me.
A perfect lover would mean being able to watch football with me, cook with me, sleep with me, and even play video games with me. I would do my best to appreciate her interests as well…ok, so maybe not Pop music, ladies-version of shopping and make-up. Opposite attracts, no?

3. She loves to talk interesting topics, and yet she knows when to listen.
Sorry, I don’t fancy girls who continuously talk about how Wastelife Westlife and Gay Cow Jay Chow have “changed” her life and how she would them to be their “Husband”. The same goes to girls who couldn’t be bothered to listen to me. I can put up with a girl’s bitching, but if she can’t even care to listen to what I say, then it’s a lost-cause eh?

4. She’s the definition of the “Girl Next Door”.
The “girl next door”, as defined by Google is “the stereotype of the girl next door is often invoked in American contexts to indicate wholesome, unassuming, or ‘average’ femininity, as contrasted with stereotypes such as tomboy and slut”. So yea, I want that in her…and be really just at the ‘next door’ and not ‘next town’ if you know what I mean….

5. She’s beautiful to me.
I don’t care if she or my mates think that she look like a zombie or a coconut or a lanciao, as long as I feel that she’s pretty, I like. Prefect case of “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”: Cecilia Cheung.

6. She’s humorous.
Whether it’s physical humour or intellectual humour, as long as she makes me giggle and laugh and/or make me roll over the floor in laughter and get stomach cramps in the process…that’s good in my books.

7. She’s loyal to me.
While the media today shamefully convinced most females to believe that all males are nothing but a bunch of perverted playboys, in my reality there’s a fair amount of women who does exactly what the “stereotype men” would: cheating. I cannot tolerate girls who despite having a relationship, decides to have fun by seriously flirting with other guys in a club and contradicting what they always want in a man: loyalty. So my point: be loyal and no flirting. I know I would be loyal to her. I certainly learnt it the hard way (thank you, karma).

And ultimately, the one point that sums up the seven other points….

8. She understands me.
She knows how I operate, how I act and react, how I see my life…she knows me like the back of her hand. Heck, she even knows my secrets. If she understands how I work, surely she has fulfilled my criteria of the “perfect lover”.

Alright, that’s eight. Now…the eight targets I would like to tag is…

*Drums roll*

Huey Teng


& Jason (finally, a man!)

That’s all.


Google...I can't live without ya!


robin said...

wah.... the "one" must watch soccer and love soccer ah???? Like that meh?????
chiak lat chiak lat

Ah_Mike said...'s a simple criteria to meet ;)

da'piNkch3ekz said...

lol i'll watch football matches with u... but too bad, i might fail all other criterias. n thanks... for putting me on top of the tag list. =_=" *keKkee*

ivan said...

lol...u got one heck of a lover man

Ah_Mike said...

sherlene: Haha...maybe you might pass all the criteria leh? :P

ivan: well, yours too you know...

saykhia said...

You like football chicks aye?? Wahahaha... What about chicks with dyed hair? =P Just kidding.

Ah_Mike said...

Saykhia: Dyed-hair chicks are good :)Though punk-hair chicks would be freaky to date....

chloe said...

ah mike arh, u tagged d wrong girl leh. ='( did it before liao, not too long ago in fact.

but if u insist, i'll give u 8 brief points of what i want.

1. a pirate. 2. a pirate. 3. a pirate. 4. a pirate. 5. a pirate. 6. a pirate. 7. a pirate. 8. a pirate.


Ah_Mike said...

Chloe: Uoohh....that's an easy criteria to all I need is to chop off my left arm and right leg and then replace it with a hook and and a broom stick...

chloe said...

nooooo... not pirate like captain hook. pirate like jack sparrow. *giggles happily at the thought of johnny depp*