Saturday, June 10, 2006

The problem with living with share mates

I was supposed to be able to update my blog a few days back. Then I realised that my Internet connection was too fucking slow to go anyway online, including Furious with the 56K-like speed broadband, I asked my share mates about it.

Apparently one share mate of mine decided to be blonde and called the provider to change the Internet broadband service. Sure, the share mate of mine happened to be the owner of the broadband, but what the hell did she have to DOWNGRADE the service for!? The fact that the rest of the share mates (myself included) was not told about the changes fumed me.

I had to question her reason for doing so. To put it in simple terms, it was a complex answer.

You see, the phone and the Internet were provided by two different companies. Somehow, she got an offer from the company that provided the Internet which contracts her to use it for 12 months. The company highly encouraged her to use their phone services to go with the Internet, but for some reason, she took the phone from another company while taking this Internet provider.

11 months past the incident and she needed to renew the contract for us. She’s about to leave the house in three weeks, and nobody in the house is staying for a year plus. So she thought the landlady would be the appropriate person to take over the contract. She got her agreement and called the Internet provider. Now the Internet provider said that the landlady has to be on the phone in order to change account ownership. It was all fine until the Internet provider asked if she’s using the phone and the Internet together from the company.

She went too honest and said she’s not using the phone from the Internet provider.

Now, according to her, the provider had no choice but to ask her to either upgrade the current service or downgrade the current service. So without the share mates’ agreement, she thought downgrading it (1GB limit) would benefit us more since it is cheaper by $20.

Obviously it didn’t took long but we hit the limit and running on 56k.

Just yesterday morning I decided to talk to her and let her know that I would temporary take over the account. I called the provider, upgrade the service and a few hours later I got my Internet speed back.

Sigh, living with people who you just know in the house rather than long-time friends is hard sometimes.

Yea yea, people say living with share mates you don’t know can give you experience working with other people, learn new tricks like a new swear word in German, and basically be friends with people outside your comfort zone. To me, that’s fine and I have been living with other people for like three years already. My problem is that I don’t often enjoy living with other people.

With the exception of living with long-time friends, I would have to face the following issues:

1) The kitchen is usually occupied whenever I need to cook.
2) The kitchen utensils is always in used and not washed whenever I need to use the utensils.
3) At times, there’ll be a huge amount of dirty plates that’s in the sink for DAYS.
4) The fridge is like a jigsaw puzzle. You just can’t find your food in the fridge sometimes. Your share mates may often mistaken your food for theirs.
5) Like the kitchen, the laundry room’s usually occupied whenever I need to wash my clothes.
6) At times, the toilet is in use when you REALLY NEED IT.
7) Once, the toilet door was locked but no one was actually inside. All of us had to use the other toilet for one day, without our toiletries. You should smell my breath that night.
8) Fighting for TV is common, especially when the female share mates are keen on “Home and Away”.

So maybe I overreacted to the following issues, but when “little things” like these happen one too often it does get on your nerves you know. And yea, you would say “why not just talk to them about the problem and be more authoritative” but that’s not the point I’m blogging about it. I need to spill out what I feel inside, not to get advice.

I wish I could live in a house/apartment/mansion alone for several months and see if I love the privacy and freedom of doing things or I would keep my mouth shut and live with people again.

Anyway, proper (rational) updates will return soon.


saykhia said...

Good luck, God speed and may you survive the ordeal.


Celeste said...

bah living alone is always better. you pwn everything! :D

Ah_Mike said...

saykhia: Thanks...don't look like I'm surviving well though.

celeste: Yealor! Ah, I wanna live alone...