Sunday, June 04, 2006

Steve's Irish Coffee

Several weeks ago, my Irish housemate Steve decided to make some Irish Coffee for the house.

It’s the first time I tasted this drink and I must say it’s quite splendid in the initial sip.

The coolness of the cream blends perfectly with the warmness of the coffee and whiskey. The chocolate topping gives it an extra-nice to it as well.

Although in Steve’s version, he added too much whiskey which overrides the coffee taste in the long run. Too much whiskey in a wine glass resulted myself feeling like I need to puke after half a glass of it.

But I’m not saying that it’s bad. It is really nice to the taste buds, but I doubt I could have Steve’s 4-shots of whiskey version for even occasionally…

Now, here’s how to make an Irish Coffee:

1 Measure (3 cl) of Irish whiskey
1 teaspoon of raw sugar
1 heaped dessertspoon of whipped cream
Hot strong coffee to fill the glass

1) Pre-warm a stemmed glass (i.e. fill glass with very hot water, then empty).
2) Pour hot coffee into hot glass until it is about three-quarters full.
3) Add the sugar and stir in the coffee.
4) Add the whiskey.
5) Float the whipped cream on top.
6) Drink the hot coffee through the cream (i.e. do not stir after adding the cream)

P.S: I will re-publish this entry once I can get Steve’s recipe and comments for his Irish Coffee. That should appreciate you whiskey-lovers.

His recipe has the chocolate powder on top of the cream by the way. Nice touch.

The testers: German rocker Thomas , his girlfriend, "Condom Head" Ah_Mike,
German sweetheart Britta, Steve the Irish joker.

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robin said...

next time back in kuching u must make one for all of us to try liaw... kekekkekekekekkekeee...
perfect for our huge gathering !! if there is any...

Ah_Mike said...

LOL...wah, I haven't even practice and let my master approve whether I'm good enough to make it.

But see how lo...maybe i would make something else than irish coffee...

Sigmoid said...

that's a checkmate!!! gawd... life's indulgence. coffee and alcohol.