Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My neighbour, the pauper.

You know, throughout my time staying in Brisbane it is a common sight to see paupers, beggars, drunks and dickheads around the city and some suburbs. It’s quite often too that I get stopped by such people. Sure, they approached you for money or for ciggies just like any other beggars back home would….but the difference is that they actually fucking dare to threaten you if you don’t give it to them! What the fuck man….that never happened to me back in KL leh.

Of course, there are some exceptions. There’s one I remember who’s quite unlike the rest. He happens to be my ex-neighbour.

I’m serious.

Now this pauper has similar characteristics with other paupers such as:

1) Walking bare-footed out on the streets.

2) Sort of bald, and has an overgrown beard which he never wash for ages.

3) Wears the same clothes for months and months.

4) Has a certain style of walking.


5) SMELLS. Imagine the smell of stinky shoes, rubbish bin and expired milk combined.

Ok, the difference between this fella and the rest is that he actually has a place to stay. I have no idea how the fuck did he came out with the cash to pay his landlord, but he did. He even lives with a couple of more well-off men in the house. To this day, it’s a mystery how those guys tolerate that fella’s stinky stink stink.

Oh and he’s the quiet type. Goody.

Now, this is where I don’t get him, and hence I’ve nicknamed him “Smelly Cat”. And for a good reason.

When you have a house to stay, you do want to sleep inside the house right? Even if you do sleep outside the house to enjoy the wind or sunshine, chances are you would be sleeping on a hammock or some sort of bed right? As well as at the balcony right?

This is what he did for his afternoon nap:


He actually has a small plate and a cup beside him when he sleeps.

Don’t ask me why. I don’t have the answer. Maybe he thinks he’s a cat?

Smelly cat…smelly cat…what are they feeding you?

I’m mean, but I can’t help it.

Look, I know paupers are just paupers and they can take strange actions, but this has to be one of the strangest ones I’ve seen!

Smelly cat…smelly cat…it’s not your fault….


robin said...

smelly cat !! I bet u miss him a lot.. such a nice neighbour !!!

Ah_Mike said...

Hmm...kinda come to think about it. I'll go visit him someday.

saykhia said...

Wow. The world's oddities never fail to surprise.

Ah_Mike said...

You're right saykhia, you're right....