Monday, July 10, 2006

Nestle ® FIFA Vanilla Flavoured Toasted Rice Cereal


Got back from Perth yesterday morning...many thanks to Robin and friends for

bringing me around the wonderful scenery of Perth. Will talk about my experience

there soon.


Although now that the World Cup is over and that Zidane ended his career in disgrace, that shouldn’t mean that I can’t write anything about this FIFA-tagged cereal. Now, this cereal is special simply because it has “magic”: it reveals soccer balls when you pour milk to it.

Wow, talk about cool.

[Scroll down to view the quick video review]

The packaging of this cereal is quite unlike most of the common ones. It has the official FIFA logo on it, and that it is embossed.

It even has a hologram and metallic print that shows the FIFA Germany 2006 logo to make it even more official. With all that though, I wander if there’s actually the unofficial product of this….Truly, all this is a sign of quality and with it being limited edition, and that at the time I had a World Cup fever I can’t resist buying it.

At the back of the box shows a step-by-step process on how to get that “magic” as well as a brief history on the match ball.

On the right side of the box shows a more detailed history on the match balls. I still love the look of the ball in 1970 and 1974; that’s the symbol of football to me, not the sanitary padding of the 2006 match ball.

Inside of the box is a shiny sealed bag.

And of course, inside of the bag is the rice cereal. You can smell a hint of the vanilla the moment you open it.

Here’s what the cereal looks right after pouring the milk.

Now wait a little bit longer.

Can you see the “magic”? :D

Well, not really magic la….

Looks and “magic” aside, I just love the taste of this cereal. It reminds me a bit of Kellogg’s Frosties, which for some reason I can’t seem to find it here lately.

The similarity lies here:

Look at the sugar content.

35.4grams for 100g serving…now that’s a real cereal for me!

If you can still get it from the supermarkets, then get it! I highly recommend this for those with a sweet tooth.

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