Saturday, July 15, 2006

Perth: Chapter 1 - The first day & night

Phew, finally we landed", I said to myself. Exhausted from the five hour 10 mins flight from Brisbane and in sickly condition of cough and flu, but nonetheless excited that I was finally in Perth. Even more excited that I can step out of the freaking Qantas airplane, which provided me with terrible service and the crappiest airline food I ever had so far. Good grief, the chef can’t even get the taste of the eggs right!

Beware the eggs of Qantas

And what’s up with airlines and their failure to make decent desserts? I always thought MAS can’t get their cakes/muffins right…but Qantas’ were outright far worst than I imagined…

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly in Perth for the holidays. Rather, I was there for this NLC Conference. More on that later.

So, after the Aussie quarantine’s beagle sniffed my lan ciao and I lost my bet to my colleague Cinthya on who’s-luggage-comes-first, we stepped out and took the bus down to the city. Realizing that we’re without a tour guide, I called Robin to let him take up the role.

We’re reached the city. Wow, I’m kinda amazed that the city of Perth is very different from Brisbane…it felt more spread-out rather than Brisbane’s focused centre.

“You sure this friend of yours knows the way? Cause I’ll like to check-in to the Trinity College already” Cinthya asked.

“Don’t worry ‘mom’, he lives here”, I replied with confidence. “In fact, once I give him a call, he should perfectly know where we are”.

I called Robin.

“Yo, Robin…we’re at the city liao”
“Alrights…where you at?”
“Erm…I’m not sure of the street name…but we’re in front of this hotel”
“What hotel?”
“Criterion hotel…”


“Ok, I see Mcdonalds…nearby Mcdonalds”
“Ha? Which Mcdonalds la…”
“Er, er…nearby Subway there….”

No good.

“Eh, Ah_Mike, I just find you nearby Mcdonalds la…don’t go anyway ok?”
“Erm, Ok……” I said, with deepest fear.

And so the wait began. My ‘mom’ Cinthya decided to look at the souvenir shop nearby, while I scout for a better building to identify.

I saw Cinema City and immediately called Robin.

“Oi, nearby Cinema City there…”
“HA!? I was there earlier ago nia!!”
“Eh, you wait a bit longer ya…I’m on the other side of the city…”

It started to drizzle when the called was made. By the time Robin found us we were standing for about 20 minutes.

Another 40 minutes was taken up from the CityCat free bus…partly because Robin forgot the stop we’re supposed to be stopping at.

Nonetheless, we made it to Trinity College, UWA. Hmm…the logo made me feel like I’m back in high school again. I was provided with the key to room 246 of Argyll Wing.

My 'hotel'

My '5-star room'

Wow, the environment in the college is comfortable…hippies would love it!

Hours passed since then….


Five something p.m.

Off we went to Fremantle to feast on the best fish ‘n’ chips in Western Australia, the Cicerello’s. Joining us three is another good friend of mine Alvin, as I finally get to meet the long-hair version of him.

There’s also a friend I’ve not met for at least a couple of years, Ping Ping. For her, we waited even though we were starving…so we decided to pose around the area a little.

Alvin, Robin, Cinthya, Ah_Mike

The 'pose'.

The wait was long…but I rejoiced when I saw her. Damn, she’s still hot! A bit chubbier though....:P

Apparently, she ate already. Damn, the entire wait for nothing!

Nonetheless, she spends more time on her bf than me though so she didn’t join us for dinner :(. She promised to drink with us later though so it’s all good :)

When the dishes came, I must say, I’m impressed with Perth’s finest fish ‘n’ chips! Although, I had not actually ordered the #1 dish in Cicerello’s, rather it was my ‘mom’ that had it.

What I had was the Grilled Fish. I wanted something healthy apparently.

Nonetheless, I made a good choice. The fish is truly fresh…not too soft, not too hard. It’s a perfect balance! Too bad the chips and the salad was a complete let-down.

I sampled Robin’s Spicy Crumbed Fish. Oh, delicious!

And of course, sampled the famous Traditional Fish ‘n’ Chips off from Cinthya’s plate.

I can see why it’s the best in WA; unlike the typical Fish ‘n’ Chips you commonly get here in Aussie, the deep-fried fish wasn’t too crunchy! And it wasn’t too oily either…making oneself taste the actual fish itself. Wonderful! However, to my personal taste I preferred Alvin’s oilier version of the fish & chips.

Of the four dishes, I would go for Robin’s Spicy Crumbed Fish again…it just has the kicks for my taste!

Still the best indeed

Now with a satisfied stomach, we gladly welcome a good glass of beer into our system. Time to meet Ping Ping. Hello, Little Creatures!

Now, this pub’s special. You don’t get a variety of cheap shit beers like XXXX, but rather true, freshly brewed Pale Ale beer…and when I mean fresh, it’s damn fresh.

The secret lies in this picture:

Brewed on the spot and fresh to the tap, baby!

So the gang and I had two types of beer: Pale Ale and Bright. Pale Ale’s somewhat a little similar to the likes of Hoegaarden; there’s this special aftertaste of the Pale Ale, but unlike Hoegaarden, it’s nicer. Bright is a very light beer, so it’s kind to my stomach. However both cold beers aren’t kind to my sick throat. Talk about being able to take care of myself!

Oh, the environment of Little Creatures is quite unorthodox; it's like a lounge with a factory/industry feel to it....

Note: Strepsils and beer do not get along.

The new 'Wassup' ad, with a twist.

It was a cold night, but a good night nonetheless. Funny how I can forget to take photos with Ping Ping and the rest during the drinking session. No matter; for the next day is the day I would know how valuable this conference I’m supposed to attend is…

Why the statue so shy wan?


Robin Wong (
Trinity College (


robin said...

funny thing bout the CAT bus though.. should have just walked instead, if not for the luggages..
anyway, glad u guys had a great time !! I miss cicerello's already !! ahahaaa..

Ah_Mike said...

Hahah...wei, cicerello's an hour's away for you leh...not 6 hours 40 mins plus :P

Sam said...

You really don't want people to know what you look like kah? Look like some murderer in d papers...


Ah_Mike said...

Haha...that was my intention all along miss sam ;)

saykhia said...

Hohoho. I never even sampled my brother's fish & chips, whether oily or not. And yealar, panjang betul his hair when he came back. Even got a mini ponytail ler.

Ah_Mike said...

Yealor! But im suppose he cut hair already right? I doubt he really wants to keep it long like john lennon.