Sunday, July 23, 2006

Perth: Chapter 2 - A high-tech too far?

Wah, this has to be my first!

The moment I heard of this technology in Perth, I was so shocked I opened my mouth like those in animes.

When I saw this, I wander how come KLIA or any airports I’ve been to never came out with this!

Instead, I saw this in Murdoch University.

Ok, so that ‘technology’ was just a sliding door with sensors. We see that all the damn time.

But tell me, when was the last time you see a sliding door with sensors for…toilets???

Call me sakai, but I’ve never seen this as the entrance to the loo!

Imagine this available in some shopping mall in Malaysia. Kinda scary don’t you think? You can just walk past by the toilet when ‘swoossh!’, the door opened and you hopelessly smell the toilet’s eau de toilette. I hope you know what a common Malaysian toilet smells like.

What a waste of money to be honest.

Cool yet lame.

Ok, seriously, how come KLIA never thought of it...?