Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fiasco’s Steakhouse @ Woolloongabba, Brisbane

Fiasco’s Steakhouse is located not too far from the central city of Brisbane.

According to my friend Bec, this steakhouse serves the best ever mushroom sauce in Brisbane and hence highly recommended to go.

What can I say? She’s absolutely right!

While the environment is almost like your casual, pub-and-grill restaurant the steaks is top-class. The meat is exactly how I asked (medium-rare), and the side dishes of Caesar’s salad and baked potatoes are well done too. The alternative side dishes of French fries and coleslaw are also well done. Oh, the portions are huge too! I came to the place feeling extremely hungry (despite my tiny size, those who know me well know how much I can eat) and I left feeling like I need to unbuckle my belt….

Steak with mushroom sauce, Caesar's salad and baked potatoes.

Best thing is: we didn’t have to wait for our meals for long.

Bec's Korean, Bec, Eevie, Eva, Josh

Drinks wise, I only ordered orange juice (as I desperately needed Vitamin Cs) and it was alright. The menu is quite ok in my opinion.

Josh, Eva, Eevie, Ah_Mike, Bec, KimChiMan

Oh yes, the service in Fiasco’s is great!

For $23, it’s definitely worth it. So for anyone planning to visit Brisbane, this has to be the one place you must come and eat!

Wander what you up to now Josh....