Saturday, August 19, 2006

I've been away

Hmm....I've neglected my blogging self for quite some time.

Probably will continue to do so until the end of October at least.

It's not easy to juggle my time with my studies and my commitment to the Student Guild.

Despite that though, I did still have time to enjoy myself.

Especially the last week.

I love last week.

It made my shitty 2006 around for the better, as well as my overall stay in Down Under.

Don't worry though, I will still update this blog whenever I'm bored and/or when I have the time to be at home. Just probably will update at random times, but definitely at least once a month.

"OnCe A MonTH!? That SUCKS!" one will say. But hey, at least I haven't thought of quitting blogging for good.

To the loyal readers who've been patient with my lack of consistent updates, I would like to thank you for still coming to this page. I have been really busy getting in control with my life, but I'm really glad you would still read whatever random shit I put on this blog.

Now, would you excuse me, I've an appointment to attend to.