Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tell me who's right and who's wrong in this case.

Ok, here's the scenario.

My German housemates and I were watching the finale of '24' at the living room. There was a lot of conversation going on in the show so one of my German mates decided to put the volume up so we can understand the show better.

Now, my Norwegian housemate (whose room is nearest to the television) came out and complained that the TV was too loud for her.

The problem is :It wasn't least for the three of us. I certainly think that the volume was barely enough for me to listen to the show (mind you that I was just five feet away from the TV). Anything lower and we'll have a hard time to listen.

It was 10.21p.m. at the time so one would think she has all the right to say that we're being noisy.

But she once complaint to me too at 9pm on Saturday when I was watching my favourite show 'Iron Chef'.

And the remaining housemates (a Swedish couple) did not complain at the time when the Norwegian complained (on both occasions).

She complained that it sounded really loud in her room. But that wasn't the case for the previous housemate who stayed in the very same room as her. Heck, when we were actually loud (note: World Cup period) the previous housemate didn't complain. She only did when it was 2am and she had an exam at 10am.

So tell me, who's the right one?

Is ruining a night of television for three men for the sake of a woman's sleep (assuming she actually was planning to sleep) the right thing to do?

Or that the woman is being too self-centred and demanded dominance within the house?

Or rather, what is the fine line between being able to watch television and being respectful as well? Is 10pm onwards what you call 'quiet time'?

Who's the one on the wrong?


robin said...

just find a screw driver and drive it into her ears with the largest screws you can find to isolate her over-sensitive hearing. that should be able to solve the problem....

Ah_Mike said...

Not really; the biggest screw available is still too small to fit her large ears....

Anonymous said...

Dear Sumara, actually, i think the sound from the tele, you know...the vibrations travel along the wall into the room.

I know very well cuz your Altec lensing back in 175Q was bising gila, i hear bass sounds through my wall, haha :P

But its for the greater good of the masses, Tv is teh awesome.

Anonymous (but you Know who Iam)