Saturday, September 30, 2006

Calendar Battle: September

Sorry again for the lack of updates; seriously damn busy!
So can't wait for the end of October...
Again, this entry will be short one. I'm supposed to research for my assignment, not this!

Sarah Tan VS Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Read the rules here.

Sarah Tan: -

Ah, the famous Channel [V] video DJ, and a favourite by the FHM crew as she's been in their calenders for a few years now. She is hot, no doubt about it.

Chinatsuki Wakatsuki: -

This cute girl's one of the top Japanese idols apparently. Don't know much about her...but she sure has some bunny teeth!

Alright, the video DJ or the Idol?


Check out her bling-bling jewelry yo! Nice red dress, nice cleavage, but not being as to see her eyes and her bitch-like pose kind of turns me off. Why the plain white background for the bling-bling? Pillars or those grand-looking background would've help heaps.

Photo Style: 5/10
Looks & Pose: 6/10


Unlike the one for Sarah, this one made Chinatsu look innocent and playful. At the beach, with water, Chinastsu kneeling down, showing her cleavage and looking like she wants to play along with you...and her super-white teeth...yet this couldn't convince me that this picture would win this year's calendar battle. Maybe because she looked a bit like a friend I know?

Photo Style: 6/10
Looks & Pose: 7/10


Chinatsu defeats Sarah by 13 to 11.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Stress reliever moment!

Question: Would you rather be too bored with your life or too stressed with your life?

I answered too bored. Cause being bored with my life encourages more sleep. And I like sleep. I need sleep. Ideally 16 hours of sleep.

Too stressed? I can't even have a bloody time to breathe properly. So not cool. So not healthy.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September is a month to mourn.

Three deaths in five days. Two of those deaths are those that I actually know.

The first one was the death of Buddhist Chief Monk K. Sri Dhammananda, who had passed away at 12.42p.m on Merdeka Day (31 August). I have met him before when I was younger, so it did surprised me about his death. He was 87 and is suffering from ill health though, so his passing wasn't so bad as he is free from his suffering. I wish I could be in Bricksfield to pay my last respects to great man.

Then there was the second one, the tragic death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. No one could ever thought he would die by a stingray. He's only 44 and has two children. Millions of people will miss him for sure...but at least he died doing what he loves most and that the place he was killed (Great Barrier Reef) is extraordinarily beautiful. I hope the Irwin family would allow Queensland to have a state funeral as I would like to be there.

I was already a little bit depressed by the death of two wonderful people...but this one truly shocked, stunned and made me really sad.

It was the death of my good friend's mother, Mdm Ho.

She didn't die out of age or health reasons. She was murdered. About the same time as Steve Irwin's death.

She was 62 and has three children.

That made me really sad and down the most because I actually know her, met her and talked to her before.

I remember her smile when I met her the first is still fresh in my memory.

Now I can't ever talk to her again. I can't see her smile again.

Why her??? Why??? I may know her for a brief period of time, but she was such a nice lady! She raised her children really why she must go like that???

I feel for my friend the most. He lost his dad a long time ago, and now he had to know that his mom was brutally killed. He's about to graduate too...but now, he has lost someone he really loves.... I hope he will be alright soon...

All this made me realise that life is so damn fragile and that I should cherish my life day by day. At the same time, it also made me think about life. About my family. About my friends. About my love.

And then there's the fifth anniversary of 9/11 coming soon.

Stay strong, my dearest friend L.J. My deepest condolence to you and your family.

I pray that all three of them be in Nirvana and be free from all suffering.

The official news are taken from The Star Online:
Chief Monk K. Sri Dhammananda:
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin:
Mdm. Connie Ho:

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey! Steve Irwin's dead!

You know it is a shocking news when you immediately stop what you were doing and feeling disbelief by what you just heard.

"Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray...".

That line had the same impact as I had for the 9/11 Tragedy. I was simply stunned when I heard it on the radio.

It was just a couple of months ago when I sigh at the sight of him doing the advert for the Australian Quarantine.

And now he has Rest In Peace.

Who would have thought he would die in such a manner?

While his trademark 'Crikey!' sometimes annoy me to the fullest, I must say he's one of the bravest guys alive, wrestling with crocs and the likes. I would definitely miss his unique way of presenting and educating us about wild animals. My respect to him.

My condolences to the Irwin family. I'm sure Steve's children will grow up and be inspired by their father.

Farewell Steve. Thank you for everything you have done to educate and to entertain us.