Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September is a month to mourn.

Three deaths in five days. Two of those deaths are those that I actually know.

The first one was the death of Buddhist Chief Monk K. Sri Dhammananda, who had passed away at 12.42p.m on Merdeka Day (31 August). I have met him before when I was younger, so it did surprised me about his death. He was 87 and is suffering from ill health though, so his passing wasn't so bad as he is free from his suffering. I wish I could be in Bricksfield to pay my last respects to great man.

Then there was the second one, the tragic death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. No one could ever thought he would die by a stingray. He's only 44 and has two children. Millions of people will miss him for sure...but at least he died doing what he loves most and that the place he was killed (Great Barrier Reef) is extraordinarily beautiful. I hope the Irwin family would allow Queensland to have a state funeral as I would like to be there.

I was already a little bit depressed by the death of two wonderful people...but this one truly shocked, stunned and made me really sad.

It was the death of my good friend's mother, Mdm Ho.

She didn't die out of age or health reasons. She was murdered. About the same time as Steve Irwin's death.

She was 62 and has three children.

That made me really sad and down the most because I actually know her, met her and talked to her before.

I remember her smile when I met her the first time...it is still fresh in my memory.

Now I can't ever talk to her again. I can't see her smile again.

Why her??? Why??? I may know her for a brief period of time, but she was such a nice lady! She raised her children really well...so why she must go like that???

I feel for my friend the most. He lost his dad a long time ago, and now he had to know that his mom was brutally killed. He's about to graduate too...but now, he has lost someone he really loves.... I hope he will be alright soon...

All this made me realise that life is so damn fragile and that I should cherish my life day by day. At the same time, it also made me think about life. About my family. About my friends. About my love.

And then there's the fifth anniversary of 9/11 coming soon.

Stay strong, my dearest friend L.J. My deepest condolence to you and your family.

I pray that all three of them be in Nirvana and be free from all suffering.

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robin said...

deaths are so inevitable, and it can happen in all sorts of ways....
while we still live, we should appreciate life and live it to the fullest !!! Quick come back kuching and we go celebrate life !!

Ah_Mike said...

Hahaha...don't worry bro, I'm sure you can wait ;)