Monday, October 30, 2006

Calendar Battle: October

Important exam in 6 hours...and I am updating this. I damn daring ho.
Wait, I've been doing that since college days...

Just a quickie update this one.

Eva Longoria VS Isabella Leong

Read rules here.

Eva Longoria:-

Best known for her role as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewifes. She is so famous, she's like everywhere in the adversiting media. Heck, I recalled my Dad having her as the desktop wallpaper on his laptop! Born March 15, 1975.

Isabella Leong:-

Hong Kong actress, singer and model...though she's still quite new to the entertainment scene (first launched her EP in 2004). She is born on June 23, 1988.

The desperate housewife or the new Hong Kong IT girl?


It is unfortunate that Eva's not showing her body in this photo, but check out her muscle leg! To be honest though, I do not know if the focus of this photo is on her face or her thighs (or both?). Background leaves much to be desired.

Photo Style: 5/10
Looks & Pose: 7/10


Ok, I can see the theme here. She's at home, ready to cook dinner with her yellow bra and yellow shorts. With her ponytail, this photos attempts to make her look cute, homely and innocent. Ok, she got no body curves to show off. And I was told by an artistic critic that girls with small boobs should never pose in front with a bra-top. I have to agree; it is obvious she's a lil...flat. Her facial expression don't match with her clothes.

Photo Style: 6/10
Looks & Pose: 5/10


Eva wins 12 to 11. I have a feeling Isabella will feature in next year's calendar though.

Youtube ( for clips
Wikipedia ( for info

Crazy week it has been

I handed in my very last assessment EVER for my uni.

Oh my God, the feeling of not having to reference any damn textbooks
anymore is orgasmic!

Now, I still got a couple more exams to go before my complete freedom from
tertiary education...just one more subject to pass....

Last week has been such an emotional roller coaster.

It's started from minor events to major events within minutes.

Like a roller coaster ride, you're given a warm welcome to the top of the view before you came rushing down, and back up and down and up and down...with a few twists along the way...

Ok, enough abstract.

Basically, a lot of good things and bad things happened to me in the last week. A lot of them are quite personal, and I don't plan to mention about it in great detail.

But it mainly involves my relationship with my gf. With family as a side story and my personal achievements as well.

Tell me, isn't it crazy enough to break up with your lover only to return together and watch Opera together in the same week? Or when you thought things might not work out but moments later everything seems to be in place again??

If you can translate extreme emotions into music tracks, I believe I had 13 tracks running in 1 hour of a CD.
Imagine going through 16 hours of that CD in a day, for the whole week.

Not even PMS can run crazy emotions like that for a week.

I hope I don't have to step into that kind of a roller coaster ride again.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

QUT Cirqutry Magazine Issue 5

I didn't write anything for this issue this time. I couldn't be bothered writing for it as I have many other assignments to finish at the time.

But do have a read on it anyway. It's the last issue for the year, and maybe the last issue before it will be renamed to accomodate other unis.

Here's the link:


Friday, October 20, 2006

The Origin of Clouded Pawn

One year ago, at the corner of a room in a Spring Hill apartment, one boy felt the need to blog on his often depressing life. He used to blog before, though the blog was highly personal, badly structured and very offensive, but decided to stop out of laziness.

He was re-inspired to blog by the likes of famous bloggers such as Kenny Sia and Sixthseal, as well friends Robin and Matthew. However, what truly got his desire to blog again was his unsatistifying life in Brisbane. He was sad about his academic life, he wasn't doing well with his finances and certainly he flopped in his love life.

Using past experiences in his life as a guideline, he decided on the name of the blog. He didn't want to start that soon, but he wants to make sure that the final name is available for use.

Originally, it was to be, but unfortunately some lady beat him to it years before...and has sadly not been updating since June 2004.

So, he brainstormed on names...the lists goes from thinkingtahi.blogspot, scorpionsting.blogspot, theunsurepath.blogspot, cloudycurse.blogspot...and many more.

He wasn't satisfied with any of the names he thought of...until he discovered the term 'pawn'.

We all know that the pawn is the piece that is from the Chess game. It wasn't the piece itself that got him interested though; it was the purpose of the pawn in the game.

Only able to move straight. Only can capture within one square. And diagonal only.

Thinking further, he realized what pawn could mean in the real world:

A sacrificial tool.

A person easy to be used.

Easy to be manipulated.

A slave to society.

It was that last sentence that moved him. That it completely reflects the way he felt at the time.
That word Clouded came by naturally because he always think so much, he figured that that word would go together with Pawn.

And that he idolize the fictional character called Cloud Strife, so he really wanted that 'Cloud' name in.

And so it was done.

Clouded Pawn was created.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Post Multicultural Fiesta...and I'm still f-busy!

Sigh, here I am, staring at my assignments yet again. Whenever I think I can finish it without problems, complications come again. Either it's the god damn criterias from the lecturers or my team members making a fuss out of the assignment.


Well, that shows that I still don't really have time put commitment on my blog...until November comes!

Yea...the thought of graduation~

Anyway, just to rant a bit...the Multicultural Fiesta went OK. Wasn't as many people as it was last year...but I got my excuses. It's on the same night as the Moon Cake Festival (which I lost most of the Chinese students for this case...and I didn't get to eat mooncake :( ). Ramadan is still going, hence losing the Muslim students AND it's bloody Week 11 of the Semester calender...that is an issue because Week 12 is where most assignments are due. So that means most international students are too busy to give a fuck about events like these. Domestic students? It was on a Friday night and I can assure you they're at the bar drinking either VB, XXXX, Toohey's or some other beer. Had the event provided alcohol we would've gotten these people...but seriously, let's not begin the question of 'How come no beer at the event!?'.

Just glad that I don't need to worry about Student Guild crap for now. Finally I can be a normal student again...Ok, normal isn't the word I would say to myself.

Haih...whatever la...time to get back to the following ASS-ignments: Advertising Plan, Campaign Portfolio (on that now), Presentation to Client, Evaluation Log and the Reflective Journal. That'5 more. Wee.

P.S: I seriously plan to go to Melbourne. Anyone in Melbourne free during the 1st week of November?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Calling all those living in Brisbane, Australia!

This Friday, October 6 is QUT Student Guild's Multicultural Fiesta!

Multicultural Fiesta is a special night where we celebrate multiculturalism (duh!) and harmony among all races within the university.

A variety of international cruisines is provided by none other than the international clubs of QUT Student Guild. From the classic Malaysian Nasi Lemak, to the Norwegian Waffles, Chinese Sausages, Hong Kong dim sum, Indian Curry...this is a must-come for those who have either a great taste buds or a great appetite or both!

In addition, the same international clubs will entertain you with some performances; from the Norwegian choir, the Vietnamese dance and more, you certainly cannot miss the time to enjoy the night! Professional performances like the latin dance will also be there for the the more reason not to miss it!

The Multicultural Fiesta will be held at the Kidney Lawn of QUT Gardens Point campus and it will start from 5.00p.m. to 9.00p.m.

I will be the host for the night as well so do come people!