Monday, October 30, 2006

Calendar Battle: October

Important exam in 6 hours...and I am updating this. I damn daring ho.
Wait, I've been doing that since college days...

Just a quickie update this one.

Eva Longoria VS Isabella Leong

Read rules here.

Eva Longoria:-

Best known for her role as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewifes. She is so famous, she's like everywhere in the adversiting media. Heck, I recalled my Dad having her as the desktop wallpaper on his laptop! Born March 15, 1975.

Isabella Leong:-

Hong Kong actress, singer and model...though she's still quite new to the entertainment scene (first launched her EP in 2004). She is born on June 23, 1988.

The desperate housewife or the new Hong Kong IT girl?


It is unfortunate that Eva's not showing her body in this photo, but check out her muscle leg! To be honest though, I do not know if the focus of this photo is on her face or her thighs (or both?). Background leaves much to be desired.

Photo Style: 5/10
Looks & Pose: 7/10


Ok, I can see the theme here. She's at home, ready to cook dinner with her yellow bra and yellow shorts. With her ponytail, this photos attempts to make her look cute, homely and innocent. Ok, she got no body curves to show off. And I was told by an artistic critic that girls with small boobs should never pose in front with a bra-top. I have to agree; it is obvious she's a lil...flat. Her facial expression don't match with her clothes.

Photo Style: 6/10
Looks & Pose: 5/10


Eva wins 12 to 11. I have a feeling Isabella will feature in next year's calendar though.

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