Sunday, October 01, 2006

Calling all those living in Brisbane, Australia!

This Friday, October 6 is QUT Student Guild's Multicultural Fiesta!

Multicultural Fiesta is a special night where we celebrate multiculturalism (duh!) and harmony among all races within the university.

A variety of international cruisines is provided by none other than the international clubs of QUT Student Guild. From the classic Malaysian Nasi Lemak, to the Norwegian Waffles, Chinese Sausages, Hong Kong dim sum, Indian Curry...this is a must-come for those who have either a great taste buds or a great appetite or both!

In addition, the same international clubs will entertain you with some performances; from the Norwegian choir, the Vietnamese dance and more, you certainly cannot miss the time to enjoy the night! Professional performances like the latin dance will also be there for the the more reason not to miss it!

The Multicultural Fiesta will be held at the Kidney Lawn of QUT Gardens Point campus and it will start from 5.00p.m. to 9.00p.m.

I will be the host for the night as well so do come people!


moz monster said...

Miss QUT loads ... was a student there 10 years ago ... have a happy Multicultural night !!!

Ah_Mike said...

Woa...10 years ago I just enjoy playing Warcraft II :P

What do you miss about QUT most?