Monday, October 30, 2006

Crazy week it has been

I handed in my very last assessment EVER for my uni.

Oh my God, the feeling of not having to reference any damn textbooks
anymore is orgasmic!

Now, I still got a couple more exams to go before my complete freedom from
tertiary education...just one more subject to pass....

Last week has been such an emotional roller coaster.

It's started from minor events to major events within minutes.

Like a roller coaster ride, you're given a warm welcome to the top of the view before you came rushing down, and back up and down and up and down...with a few twists along the way...

Ok, enough abstract.

Basically, a lot of good things and bad things happened to me in the last week. A lot of them are quite personal, and I don't plan to mention about it in great detail.

But it mainly involves my relationship with my gf. With family as a side story and my personal achievements as well.

Tell me, isn't it crazy enough to break up with your lover only to return together and watch Opera together in the same week? Or when you thought things might not work out but moments later everything seems to be in place again??

If you can translate extreme emotions into music tracks, I believe I had 13 tracks running in 1 hour of a CD.
Imagine going through 16 hours of that CD in a day, for the whole week.

Not even PMS can run crazy emotions like that for a week.

I hope I don't have to step into that kind of a roller coaster ride again.