Friday, October 20, 2006

The Origin of Clouded Pawn

One year ago, at the corner of a room in a Spring Hill apartment, one boy felt the need to blog on his often depressing life. He used to blog before, though the blog was highly personal, badly structured and very offensive, but decided to stop out of laziness.

He was re-inspired to blog by the likes of famous bloggers such as Kenny Sia and Sixthseal, as well friends Robin and Matthew. However, what truly got his desire to blog again was his unsatistifying life in Brisbane. He was sad about his academic life, he wasn't doing well with his finances and certainly he flopped in his love life.

Using past experiences in his life as a guideline, he decided on the name of the blog. He didn't want to start that soon, but he wants to make sure that the final name is available for use.

Originally, it was to be, but unfortunately some lady beat him to it years before...and has sadly not been updating since June 2004.

So, he brainstormed on names...the lists goes from thinkingtahi.blogspot, scorpionsting.blogspot, theunsurepath.blogspot, cloudycurse.blogspot...and many more.

He wasn't satisfied with any of the names he thought of...until he discovered the term 'pawn'.

We all know that the pawn is the piece that is from the Chess game. It wasn't the piece itself that got him interested though; it was the purpose of the pawn in the game.

Only able to move straight. Only can capture within one square. And diagonal only.

Thinking further, he realized what pawn could mean in the real world:

A sacrificial tool.

A person easy to be used.

Easy to be manipulated.

A slave to society.

It was that last sentence that moved him. That it completely reflects the way he felt at the time.
That word Clouded came by naturally because he always think so much, he figured that that word would go together with Pawn.

And that he idolize the fictional character called Cloud Strife, so he really wanted that 'Cloud' name in.

And so it was done.

Clouded Pawn was created.