Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Post Multicultural Fiesta...and I'm still f-busy!

Sigh, here I am, staring at my assignments yet again. Whenever I think I can finish it without problems, complications come again. Either it's the god damn criterias from the lecturers or my team members making a fuss out of the assignment.


Well, that shows that I still don't really have time put commitment on my blog...until November comes!

Yea...the thought of graduation~

Anyway, just to rant a bit...the Multicultural Fiesta went OK. Wasn't as many people as it was last year...but I got my excuses. It's on the same night as the Moon Cake Festival (which I lost most of the Chinese students for this case...and I didn't get to eat mooncake :( ). Ramadan is still going, hence losing the Muslim students AND it's bloody Week 11 of the Semester calender...that is an issue because Week 12 is where most assignments are due. So that means most international students are too busy to give a fuck about events like these. Domestic students? It was on a Friday night and I can assure you they're at the bar drinking either VB, XXXX, Toohey's or some other beer. Had the event provided alcohol we would've gotten these people...but seriously, let's not begin the question of 'How come no beer at the event!?'.

Just glad that I don't need to worry about Student Guild crap for now. Finally I can be a normal student again...Ok, normal isn't the word I would say to myself.

Haih...whatever la...time to get back to the following ASS-ignments: Advertising Plan, Campaign Portfolio (on that now), Presentation to Client, Evaluation Log and the Reflective Journal. That'5 more. Wee.

P.S: I seriously plan to go to Melbourne. Anyone in Melbourne free during the 1st week of November?


robin said...

come back kuching quick !!! Kolok mee and laksa awaits !!

Ah_Mike said...

Patience my friend....