Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Birthday It Was: 2005

12.00a.m. Spring Hill, Brisbane. I was pretty much half-asleep at that time. I wasn’t much in the mood to celebrate my 21st birthday at all; not when I have to take an exam 11 hours from midnight.

Somehow, I sensed that my housemates Joshua and Ee Wah are planning some kind of a surprise on me, on my so-called big day.

I heard the door knocked. Well, I pretty much predicted right.

What I didn’t expect was a cake though. A session on alcohol was expected, but not the cake!

Rubbing in disbelief; I am only 3 years old!

As explained by Ee Wah, I had that million-dollar-look shocker face worthy of a snapshot moment. However, Joshua somehow did not manage to get the camera running on time…so I had to “fake” my million-dollar-look for him to take a photo -_-. Ironic-nya….Too bad, I don’t plan to show that picture here. I am not showing my nipples to the world *hint*

But it was all good. A good couple glasses of wine, a lovely cake to munch on and a great time talking and bitching with the best housemates I ever had to date.

Ee Wah, Joshua, and the kawaii-wannabe

I do admit, I kind of miss that short but sweet moment.

Especially the knife I used to cut the cake…I’ll let the three pictures below do the explaining:

"Say Hello to my Little Friend..."

Retard Love

The Birthday Cake Murder

I definitely don’t miss the exam I had to take later though. (Which by the way, I am now free from tertiary education! :) )

Happy Birthday to everyone born on this day :)

PS: I will be going to Cairns for my birthday and will not be blogging until my return on Saturday night at least. Till then, have fun!


ivan said...

Enjoy your trip there man. Happy 22nd. Go get your driving licence for god's sake.haha

btw, wat happened to your hair that time man? :)

Jason said...

Happy birthday!!! :D

Heard from Ivan that you are coming to KL on November 24th and requested to meet me. Hehe, right?

Errm, I thought you are a guy? How come your hair style and semua macam girl?

Ah_Mike said...

Ivan: Thanks dude, and yes I will bloody get my lesen already! Oh, my hair was...naturally down?

Jason: Thank you Jason! I dunno what nonsense Ivan told you, but yea I want to meet up with ya.

Er, I answer you the other question when we meet up la...lazy to explain now :P

Sam said...

Wow. Happy birthday. ^.^

Your hair looks so kuai.

robin said...

hey mike !!!!
happy birthday dude !! ahahaha, killing a cake meh?? like that also can ah??
and yeah, ENJOY your freedom from uni !!! Breathe the free air...