Thursday, November 09, 2006

Melbourne Trip 2006: Part 1

I got back from Melbourne 3 days ago. So half-regretting not studying there right now. A much more beautiful city than Brisbane I gotta say…though the weather is truly Victoria weather: Grey skies of depression.

1st Nov: Took Virgin Blue (Aussie equivalent to AirAsia) to Melbourne. Flight was one of the most _uncomfortable_ one I ever had. I met up with Jason for a short dinner before he rushes back to Melbourne Uni for study. Ate at this Japanese restaurant in Chinatown which I regretfully not remembered the name of the store _and_ not taken my camera out to snap :(. Explored the city a little bit.

2nd Nov: Headed to Spicy Fish Restaurant in Chinatown, this time with my partner.

Your standard Chinese veges. Yum?

We ordered the famous Spicy Fish in the restaurant. God, it’s huge for the 2 of us!

Look at the amount of oil used....

Generous amount of fish :) And it’s really hot…Szechuan hot and Malaysia-standard hot!

The perfect expression of sorts.

I believed I took 8 glasses of water for this dish.

We head to Queen Victoria Market after that. It was 2.30p.m so most of the stores were closing, but I managed to get a leather jacket. Yea, FINALLY :). $175 for it…quite reasonable considering that finding a leather jacket my size was almost impossible to get in Brisbane, what more the price (Standard price $400+ in MYERS mate).

From there, we just wander around.

We walked to Southgate. Snapped a few photos.

Walk back to the city. Snapped a couple more shots.

The Federation Square

The night was highly memorable though…

To be continued.

Melbourne Chinatown (
Queen Victoria Market (