Sunday, November 12, 2006

Melbourne Trip 2006: Part 2

Read part 1 before you proceed.

2nd Nov: On the evening, I met up with Ling Qing, another friend of mine from Kuching. I haven’t seen her for like two years since she left Kuching for good. It was good to see her again after so long, and my, she sure matured a lot more than before! But…physical appearance’s still the same; just that she changed her once-nerdy glasses to a cool one now :P (just kidding Q…)

While we slip our hot chocolates at Starbucks and chatting (we don’t want coffee ok…leave that to my caffeine-addicted partner), I waited for another friend of mine. A special friend of mine in fact, for we never met before face-to-face. She’s what we called an online friend, and I first knew her four years ago. One of the main reasons I wanted a trip to Melbourne was to finally meet this chick before I leave Australia for good. Her name’s May by the way, and she sure has that Aussie accent.

One hour later, she finally came with her bf, Eu-Wyne. The group gets acquainted with each other, and off we go to Renzo’s Bar, Docklands.

May & Eu-Wyne
We were greeted by friendly Italian staff. However they gave better treatment to my partner, as she is called ‘signora’ by this old Italian waiter all night long. Heh, she is very attractive indeed to both young and old, but too bad, she’s taken :)

Anyway, I had ‘Salmone alla griglia’ which is “chargrilled, fresh atlantic salmon with a sweet wine sauce served with puree of potatoes” as according to their menu description. Initially I wasn’t used to the taste of the wine with the salmon itself, but after a few bites it is awesome! Too bad I took the photos of the dish using my partner’s camera instead and I still haven’t got the pictures from her…so till then, you can’t see how delicious it looks! Or you can just see a small sample of it in the picture below:

After the feast and laughter, we set out to have some camwhoring session.

Ah_Mike, Special One, LQ, May, Eu-Wyne

There were some silly pictures, but again, there’s on my partner’s camera. So you gotta come back to this blog everyday for updates :P

Telstra Dome. Dunno why I took this picture for.
Anyway, I am so happy that the night went really well. It feels good to see two friends talking to each other but never met before. More importantly, I get to meet May after so long talking to each other on MSN, and talk to LQ again in person after 2 years away. Great to know LQ’s coming to Brisbane too :)

Finally, after 4 years....

Moblie Phone quality.

Things got a bit crazy the next day though…

To be continued.

P.S: What the heck is the significance of a big fat purse on Melbourne City? They’re saying they dropped purses all the time hia?

Renzo’s Bar Café Italiano (


Alex said...

nice.. aha. melbourne is reli dry now.. darn.hope u enjoyed ur trip mate! :)

Ah_Mike said...

Melbourne's alright mate :)

Thanks for dropping by!