Sunday, December 24, 2006

Achieves 2006

From now till the start of 2007, I will be focusing more entries about (hopefully) everything that happened to me in 2006.

That includes finishing off my incomplete Perth trip and my Melbourne trip...eheh, so ashamed to say that I put those chapters off for so bloody long!!

Also, given the time I would like to write other stuffs I always wanted to write since June this year. I know, old stories that I shouldn't bother writing already...but I didn't take photos of it for nothing ya know.

If I can't finish it though...there's always January right? :)

Don't worry, I would still update stuffs that happened this month...if any that is. My only concern was uploading pictures and videos; my Internet connections have problems uploading files recently.

Anyway, Merry Chirstmas to you all! :)