Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bloggers’ Meet at Bing! Café, Kuching

Last Saturday, I had my first bloggers’ meet at my hometown. I had one in Brisbane and another in KL (which I am currently lazy to blog about) but this meet was unlike the two I’ve went before.

This meet was, well, noisy in a good way.

Prior to the meet, I had to be at Bing! earlier with Ivan, who is my driver I hitched a ride to get there.

I ordered their Beef Lasagne with Salad as well as a Flat White. Robin was the first to arrive after us.

The lasagne looked sloppy to me, but it was a decent meal. Good amount of cheese; just needs fresh tomato sauce for a greater taste. No comment on the salad. However, Bing! is not known for its food but rather it is their coffee; and with that their Flat White did not disappoint me at all.

Hang on; this is not about Bing! Café is it?

Anyway, among the next few to arrive are Frankie, Allen, Joshua, Ant Ann and Irene. While Ivan and Robin quickly acknowledged them, I had no clue (except Joshua) to who they are and what they do! But hey, it doesn't hurt to make new friends hey?

Blurry actions

So after the basic greetings and ice-breaking moments, everyone seemed comfortable with each other. We sure talk many social things like cameras, education and food…but I am amazed how that PC game Counter-Strike as well as Warcraft III DOTA managed to be part of the stuff we talk about.

More blurry actions

Later on, Chun Chow and the funny Ben as well as Boon Kim and Geogette with the famous Ducky arrived on the scene. That was when things start to get noisier.

Ducky see Pawn...

Ducky loves Pawn :)

Until Uncle Francis Ho came by. Man, it’s like a moment of silence before a burst of joy to see a superstar.

Can't miss the man himself with that ride

You see, this Uncle damn pimp man. Not only did he arrive with a pimped-up CRV (check out that kayak on the top) but with 3 chicks! Wah liu, pimp daddy right? :P

Never afraid to show his cherries

I know by gossip and his blog that Uncle Francis isn’t exactly your average uncle; to bring in his long lemang and a couple of balls cherry tomatoes as well as an attempt to bring durians into the café, woa this uncle is funny~! He admits being a bad influence to the group of, erm, youngsters, but to bring in addition humour and zeal to the group…no wander he is so likeable :)

Same goes to Ah_Ben leh....with Uncle Francis these two damn farnee wei~

Monkey man...

...getting harrassed?

Uncle Francis opening his lemang for us.

This looked like....

Before we all left, we had group photos…which really felt like we’re in a press conferences! I think there’s about 12 cameras with two dozen flashes to our eyes…don’t tell me you don’t feel like you’re in a 15-mins of fame? Sadly Geogette wasn’t able to stay long due to work commitments :( Miss that Ducky already….

Top: Chun Chow, Ben, Robin, Boon Kim, Allen
Bottom:Joshua, Frankie, Ivan, Ann, Irene, me!, Uncle Francis
MIA: Geogette and Ducky

Overall, I really enjoyed this meet. Never thought I would get to know another two Manchester United fans (Allen and Frankie)! I know there will be more bloggers meet to go for and have a laugh with fabulous people :D Many thanks to Ivan and Robin for organising this meet and the rest for showing up!

Now folks, sing with me to the beat of 12 Things At The Day

Of the __ thing(s) at the day where the blogger’s meet took place;
12 drinks to see,
11 things I’ve learnt,
10 crazy moments,
9 new friends,
8 Ringgit for Flat White,
7 slices of lasagne,
6 bites of lemang,
5 kaki CS
4 scary stories,
3 chicks from the pimp,
2 M.U. fans,
And 1 freakin awesome time!

P.S. This has to be most memorable moment from the blogger’s meet for me:

Picture says a thousand words huh?

P.S.S: For those who has my photos and has posted online, may I request that my eyes be censored. You and your readers may know now what my eyes looked like but as a form of uniqueness may my eyes still be covered :) Yes, you can put whatever you want on my eyes.
*Nice shades you put on me Ben! :D


a^ben said...

wakakakkaka! my muka monyet kena posteD! cilaka` hahahaha

glad u like ur "shades" :X kakakakkakaka

Frank said...

nice post nice post. very interesting stuff u wrote.nice photos of Ben too..haha. i forgot 2 censor ur eyes boh.. nvm la hor hehe.

miracle8 said...

Hie Mike,
thanks for dropping by! As requested, I've edited the group pic. But I'm crap with photoshop so the results aren't too great...

Irene said...

Censor your eyes? Finally you updated and wow... you can even find those connections of the 12 things... AMAZING!

Ah_Mike said...

a^ben: Hahah...yes, your muka monyet is up for everyone to see :D And I love the shades!! Always wanted to be like Matrix :P

frank: Thanks Frank! You too by the way...I like the pictures of Damai. Censor my eyes la....:(

miracle8: That's ok Boon Kim, it's all good for me :)

irene: Yea, for uniqueness :P Hehe...did you sing the 12 things at the day? :P