Friday, December 01, 2006

Bukit Bintang = Patpong????

I was reading this article by Wong Chun Wai the other day.

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All I can say is: What The Fuck!?

That MP is such a fucking moron. Honestly, does he even been to Bukit Bintang before or not? Does he even been to Patpong at all? If he does, what the fuck is he doing there anyway?? Agama tak ajar dia ke?

He should know better that Bukit Bintang is far better than Patpong. Malaysians, you know as well as I do that we can't see the chicks dancing on a pole, wearing close-to-nothingness and definitely not that many pervert foreigners secretly tar-fei-kei-ing on boobs and ass in Bukit Bintang. OK la, if you know where to find then you smart la, but the point is that BL isn't as obvious as Patpong. Bukit Bintang's good for pak-toh leh; you bring gf to Bukit Bintang for shopping (of course you pay for everything la) sure she happy and maybe would hiaw and kiss your balls at bring gf to Patpong and I can tell you she'll cut you balls and give to the Thai she-males to suck.

Maybe he found some top-class prostitute in Bukit Bintang and maybe he fucked a she-male in Patpong that's why he dare compare the two areas. Maybe he just like his name on the newspaper. Maybe he was paid to talk like sohai. I'm sure tiuniasing can tiu him more than me if he wants to.

No matter what though, he's a moron. Go and listen to his Arab friends for what? Who the fuck are his Arab friends anyway?

I competely agree to what Wong Chun Wai said in his article. This MP should really know how to shut up.

Ish. People like him waste people's time only. This country needs to move forward and prove the world that we're quite a civilised bunch. This MP leh? If he's he PM ah, I tell in Iraq's better la!

Can someone take him out of newspapers for good please? He made George W. Bush look smarter.


Alex said...

tats like one of the stupidest shite coming from a mp already in a moronic state.... im surprised hes even still mp

Frank said...

stupid ppl says stupid things make themselves looks more stupid..

i am also pissed off when heard bout what he said..