Saturday, December 30, 2006

Calendar Battle: December

This would be the last calendar battle for this year. Maybe the last one ever as I still couldn’t find the calendar edition for Mysterious World magazine or any similar ones.

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Nita VS Miho Yoshioka


Ever since she started singing since she was 9, Norhanita Hamzah, or more popularly known as Nita was one of the participants in Malaysian Idol 2. Unfortunate to not win the prize (she was the runner-up), she was still nonetheless popular with the viewers of the show. She is born on the 3rd November 1980, making her 26 this year.

Check out how a makeover can change this average looking lady to the likes of Siti Nurhaliza. Well, not quite. But she needs more pictures uploaded online for sure.

Miho Yoshioka:-

Born and raised in East Osaka, Japan. She’s a Japanese Idol which is famous for pretty much posing around really. She’s been in magazine covers, drama shows, TV commercials and even one Gozilla movie…but her best career was being a race queen model; particularly for Team Mario.

No, not that Mario!

This Mario :)

She is born on 3rd February 1980, making her 26 as well this year. She is about 169cm.

As most Japanese Idols, she is really beautiful and sexy. Too bad guys, she’s married already.

So which of the Idols would win?

A simple background and a simple dress, but she looks really good in this picture. I like how she posed, particularly her chest.

Photo Style: 5/10
Pose & Looks: 7/10

Miho Yoshioka
This photo seemed to be a lil’ dark for my liking. She’s lying on an uninteresting bed, and we don’t get to be Miho’s body in this picture, which is a bad thing. She’s wearing clothes that seemed too average for a photo shoot and the type of background. She looks like Kelly Chen here, no?

Photo Style: 4/10
Pose & Looks: 5/10

Nita surprising won 12 to Miho’s 9. Such a disappointment for the Japanese Idol, but hopefully we’ll see her again next time.

Or you can just see her on Youtube whenever the Net has fully recovered.

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