Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is it a sin...

Is it a sin to fail to love her as much as she does?

Is it a sin to not be able to love her as much as before?

Is it a sin to not meet her expectations?

Is it a sin to break her heart sooner rather that later?

Is it a sin to know that no matter what actions you’ve made it will always hurt her feelings?
Is it a sin to only be able to say sorry and beg for friendship?

Is it a sin to love her but unable to take care of her?

Is it a sin to tell her that we can’t be together again?

P.S. Sorry for the late updates. Blame it on DOHA Asian Games.


Anonymous said...

if u canot meet her least expectation, if most of ur action always cause her dislikes, n most importantly, u can't even take care of her... then dun drag the relationship longer! she maybe too young to realize the mistake in such relationship. but i garantee, in future, she will know. and by then the hurt may have become deeper. If ur love for her is strong enuf, u wil be willing to strive harder for a future with her. if u dun, then leave her while she is still young. age is not a problem for guys.