Friday, December 29, 2006

Perth: Chapter 3 – The verbal war and quarantine. (Achieves 2006)

Ever since the Taiwan earthquake damaged the underground cables, I had a really had a hard time connecting to blogger until today. Even then I can't upload files yet. Damn mother I dunno if I can finish the archieves on time!

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“Delegates, I believe that he should be allowed to vote for course of this conference…” one said.

“Point of order!” one shouted.

“Delegates, this person did not complete his documents to support his voting rights…” the other said.

“POINT OF ORDER!” another one shouted.

“Fuck you la! He spent a lot of money to come to Perth OK!?”
“Tiu leh la! You dunno what is procedure is it!?”
“Come fight la!”

Ok, the last three lines didn’t actually happen. However, in context it was pretty much a verbal assault between two sides over what I see as a simple issue became big issue.

Now, as part of a promise to keep most details in secrecy, I can’t tell you what actually happened that night. What I can tell you though is that it took more than four hours of listening to arguments that never seemed to go anyway.

All of us in the Conference pretty much had to sit our ass and listen to the following words:

“Speaker for”
“Speaker against”
“Point of order”
“All those in favour…against…”
“Motion carried/defeated”
“Suspend standing orders”.

Rinse and repeat for five fucking hours. 8.00pm – 1.00am.

It made everyone depressed, angry, and sad. I don’t remember coming all the way from Brisbane to be depressed. No doubt, on that night my perceptions on the conference completely changed.

You see, I was in Perth at the time for the National Liaison Committee (NLC), an organisation that basically protects international students in Australia from the likes of university mistreatment and such. Honestly speaking though, I was never interested in such things. It was my involvement with QUT Student Guild that I have to be at the conference.

Anyway, I began to wander if this is going to be the case for the whole time I am in Perth.

Thankfully though, the following morning wasn’t all verbal abuse. Instead, we got to go to Curtin University and listened to student welfare stuff. Yea, it was boring until the Australian Quarantine dogs came to show us how they work :)

*video to come soon*

Just for your info: whenever the master puts the coat on the dog, it will know that it has a job to do. Damn smart ho?

*video to come soon*

Aww…aren’t they cuuuttteee!

It was great to know that everyone was quite satisfied with how the day went. Though in the late afternoon we had to talk about student politics again, the evening was superb….

To be continued.